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Your Write-up May Confuse Google!

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You may have read several posts that would be against your expectations. Their headlines would be suggesting something else and content body would be talking about something else. I have read several such posts. To be very honest, I feel completely confused when I read such any post. If I am not wrong, you would have similar views. Do you believe search engine giant Google is also confused on seeing such posts. What? Yes, it is a not joke, but a reality which Matt Cutts, has recently expressed through a funny video.

Watch the video here:

I don’t think that I need to explain you what would be the future of such write-ups in Google search results that would be confusing even for the search engine. Such posts would be seen most probably at the last pages of search results or would be completely out of the search results. Moreover, they may be a cause of penalty for the website for which they have been written since they would be considered as a part of spamming tactic to manipulate search results by the search engine.

So, if you are engaged in online business world and you want better response from your business, it is must for you to focus on the quality of content that you post.

Below, I am going to tell you some tips that would help you get advantage from your content:

  • Content must be based on your thoughts.
  • If you are unable to think something impressive, you can take help of various online and offline resources. But, take only ideas from them and not steal their content. Add the obtained ideas with your creativity and make an awesome write-up.
  • Don’t put keywords unnecessarily in your content. Make sure the keyword density is not more than 2%.
  • Make sure the headline should be precise summary of your write-up’s body.
  • Do a proper editing of the content. It would be better for you to take professional assistance for the same.
  • Though link matters, you should not try to get links from your write-up’s body. Instead, you should get a link to your website from the author bio section of the post.
  • Don’t submit your write-up just anywhere. Instead, search for the best content marketing sites that Google has awarded high domain authority and page authority.

Lastly, I would say that content is the king in the world of internet marketing; if you use this appropriately, it would make you the king of your business niche by helping you reach your target audience and influencing them to have a transaction with you; but, if you try to cheat Google through content, you would see a ban soon on your website and would be out of internet based business world.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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