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Will Matt Cuts Begin A New Inning with Yahoo Now?

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Do you remember Matt Cutts? If he is out of your memory now, I would just like to help you identify him. Matt Cutts from Google. Matt Cutts who would often introduce updates and through them bring tears in the eyes of webmasters and SEO professionals. Because of his updates, many SEO companies and online business shut down. If you have recently stepped into online business world and you are unfamiliar to this name, you need not worry as I introduce him to you. Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s search spam team and he took a long holiday from Google to keep the promise made with her wife. He had to return last year in November, but he again extended his leaves for some more months. Now, news is coming that he is already to return, but not with the current employer, Google, but with a new employer. And most probably the new employer will be Yahoo.

If I am reading your mind correctly, you are thinking how the writer has made this guess that Matt Cutts is returning with Yahoo, leaving Google. I have said this after going through Matt Cutts post, which says:

“A few years ago my wife and I got a rosebush that I considered to be a “Yahoo” rosebush. It was some sort of hybrid that had yellow and purple flowers, which are the Yahoo colors. The purple blooms have faded away, but the yellow flowers are flourishing. I’m happy to see Yahoo flourishing in several ways too, from redoing their search contract with Microsoft to sponsoring the show Community. I’m all for more competition in the Internet space, and I think Marissa Mayer is doing a great job at Yahoo to foster that competition.”

This post has become a hot topic of debate these days. However, there is no dearth of people who have been seeing this post as one of many of his flower posts. Many people have asked him questions in terms with his return in professional life, but he has not responded to anyone yet. He is said to have taken many challenges and loves to take new ones as well, so he might join Yahoo.

Everyone is making his own speculations about his return, but I would not want to make any and instead love to wait and watch. But, if you want to make any speculations, you might search for forums where discussion is on and give your own view.

Lalit Sharma

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