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Will April 21st, 2015 Be Inauspicious for Your Online Business?

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Future in the online business world is quite unpredictable. You don’t know when your site will rank high and when it will rank low, as nothing is in your hands, except following the SEO guidelines. If you violate the SEO guidelines, it is your business website that will get a powerful spank that will pain you a lot; no one can protect your business website from Google penalty. Though you are disappointed, you know your site has been penalized because of doing what Google disapproves. But, sometimes, you are not at fault and nevertheless your site is victimized by Google and that happens because of a new update brought into force by Google. When this happens, you just get shocked, thinking what went wrong; you followed every policy of Google strictly and never did anything that might displease the search engine. Having lots of questions in your mind, when you search on the web to find a reason for the injustice done to your site, you come to know that Google has brought something that you have done for your website under the category of spam tactics.

When Site is Penalized:

But, who can do what? Honestly saying none can do anything, as it is Google’s style and modus operandi. However, you need not get disappointed at all, as many experts in the industry are always ready to offer their hands for help if your business undergoes a bad phase because of any Google update. They take many steps to help your website regain Google’s confidence and better than before visibility in search results.

Can You Know in Advance about Future Updates?                         

Above mentioned information might have caused a shiver in your body, and for sure you will be thinking how you can come to know about Google updates in advance? Good news for you is that you can know about Google updates in advance. Internet marketing experts keep eyes on every word said by Google people and let you know about the same immediately through their blogs. For example, Google is going to introduce a big update on April 21st and you will find many blogs about this on the web.

What Is the April 21st Update All About?

Much has already been said on various sites by many industry experts. With a little search, you will find many articles about the update of April 21st. However, you need not go anywhere in search of information, as you would get the juice of the update here.

Instead of taking many long sentences to describe this update, I would love to describe it in one sentence – it is a mobile friendly algorithm and only organic mobile search listings will be affected by this update.

This update is meant for those websites which are mobile friendly. Once this update happens, sites which are mobile friendly or responsive in nature will see improvement in their website rankings, whereas others would notice a significant fall. However, websites ranking in Google’s local results will see no fall at all, irrespective of the fact that they are not responsive.

How Can You Ensure No Penalty from This Update?

Though time is less, I think you should approach your website designer to make your website mobile friendly, as this is the best way to ensure your website is safe from Google penalty.


The best way to avoid Google penalty is to be proactive on the web to know what Google is doing, as this will inform you future updates in advance. For the update scheduled on April 21st, just do what I have said or make an immediate call to our SEO experts, they will let you know everything in detail to avoid the negative impact of this soon-to-be-live update.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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