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Why to Outsource SEO Services to India

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India is the first choice for almost every organization in the world that wants to outsource any work. NASSCOM reports also uphold this thing. As per one of the reports of NASSCOM almost half of the all Fortune 500 companies prefer to outsource IT services to Indian firms. Though several other countries, including the Philippines, Mexico, Ireland, and the US have been challenging India, the nation has managed to outmaneuver all of its competitors and continued to be called the top outsourcing destination. As per economic survey reports, IT outsourcing industry has continued a tremendous growth rate of 25–30% per year.

Leaving other IT fields, if I become specific and talk particularly about SEO, again I have lots of good things to say. Demand for Indian SEO services is going up day by day and Indian SEO companies are emerging as the best SEO providers on global platform.

Would you not like to know why the world wants to outsource SEO services to India? Of course, you will. Here, I will give you some reasons about the same:

Talent Hub:

India remains unchallenged when it comes to the talent. It has the largest pool of well-educated, skilled, and ambitious technical and non-technical human resources. Over 3 million new graduates are added every year to its workforce. So, SEO industry has no dearth of talent. Moreover, India is the largest English speaking nation in the world. If you add the number of English speaking people in the UK and the US, still you will find India has more English speaking people. So, communication never becomes a hurdle for either of the parties.

Infrastructure and Capabilities:

Modern India is well-equipped with infrastructure and technologies, including state-of-the-art telecom, super computers, ISP, cellular networks, and uninterrupted communication channels. Indian SEO companies are able to provide customized solution for any of their clients’ needs.

Quality Services:

Being well-educated and high-skilled, Indian SEO professionals are able to provide services as per the international quality standards and that too consistently. They know compromising with the quality means compromising with their business as well as their future. So, they don’t leave any stone unturned to deliver the optimum results to their clients.

Flexible Service Cost:

Cost is the major reason why India holds the position of top outsourcing provider in the world. The SEO project for which you pay $1000 in the US, you pay only $200 to $300 for the same in India.

Support from Government:

The Indian government supports its all industries. The information technology industry is one of top 5 priority industries in the country. It is one of those industries in which 100% foreign equity is allowed. To boost up this industry, the government has pro-IT policies.

I don’t think you need more reasons to understand why India has gained global confidence and continued to remain the world’s most favorite outsourcing destination for SEO & other IT services.

Lalit Sharma

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