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Why Is This Earthquake In Local Search Results?

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Have you noted any sort of changes in local search results of Google in last couple of days? A big alteration has been noticed in recent days, which has changed the whole face of the local search results.

Experts have to say that Google has brought a major change in its local algorithm policy, and because of that change, local results in Google maps and the local maps have changed largely. Some believe that Google Maps Googlebomb fix has led Google to bring this change, which has given a big shock to many businesses by downgrading the rankings of their websites and providing their places to new ones. However, those who have benefited by this update are feeling immense pleasure in their hearts and saying thanks to Google for this great move. Someone’s anxiety has become the reason for other-one’s smile because of this update.

If you check web forums, you will see experts debating about the update, as some are not ready to accept the shifts in the results any algorithm change; they believe it to be the result of any technical issues that Google will fix soon and everything will be as it were before. However, others are accepting this a policy change by Google.
Unlike the stances of others, my outlook is completely different. I think those who have benefited should think of tricks that can help them maintain their positions and those who have lost their high positions must think about methods that can help them regain their previous positions or better positions than before.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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