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When Google Changed Its Statement

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When on December 2, I read an article on SEROUNDTABLE titled “Google Admits Clicks Impact Your Google My Business Listing Rankings“, I thought what is new and important in that as almost everyone associated with internet marketing world knows this very well that click matters for rankings.

The article was based on the statement of Rahul J from Google My Business team. Rahul J informed four ways to promote local listing in the Google search results. The fourth way that he told was the number of clicks that listing gets. He said, “Search history: In the past how many times has the listing been clicked on by users searching with the keyword.” The fact that surprised to most of us is that Rahul had to edit his statement. His edited statement says, “Search history: The number of times it has been useful historically on the basis of relevance, prominence, and distance.” I found his edited statement when I was just searching for updates about SEO.

If Rahul has to change the language of his statement, it is a clear indication that how important clicks are for My Google Rankings. If this had not been important, he, Rahul, would not have changed the language of his statement.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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