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What May Cause Failure to Your SEO Campaign

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SEO is the key to being successful in the online business world since this enables a business owner to reach his target audience and convey his business message to them through his business website in a convincing manner. In spite of it being so much significant for the future of a business in online business world, many businesses do not pay any major attention to it, and handover this big responsibility to any search engine optimization company, without doing proper check about the credibility of the company, which sometimes backfires and makes the road full of thorns.

SEO is not a child’s play. It is something that can establish or disestablish you in the market. With comprehensive strategy, you can outrank your competitors in search results, drive your target audience to your website in huge number, and make sales in large number. This all helps you to establish your business as a major market brand. Contrariwise, if you take search engine optimization service from just any service provider, you lose your relevance in the market. Your website loses its visibility in top search results, your target audiences do not find your site in search results, so they go to your competitors; this gradually hollows out your business and forces you to rethink over whether you should continue with your present business or think about some other option.

With an aim to help you avoid failure in the online business world, I have brought some important information about the factors that can fail your SEO campaign and harm your business interest.


Your business website is the foundation of your online business. If the foundation is weak, there is no question of your business being successful. If you want a positive response from your business, you need a website that is an ideal one in every aspect. Most of the websites struggle to deliver since their owners are unaware of the aspects that influence the future of their websites in the market. For being successful, a website needs to be impressive, appealing, user-friendly, and search engine friendly. The website must look heart stealing in appearance and heart touching in reading. The website must open properly on every device and load just in two or three seconds, even on the low speed internet connections, and be according to SEO norms.


Keywords are another important factor that can strengthen or weaken the root of your online business. Many SEO campaigns fail just because of wrongly selected keywords. Keywords must be smartly chosen. If you choose the keywords with very high competition or with no competition, your fate is quite certain that you will have to struggle in your business. Keywords with no competition will bring your website in the top search result, but that ranking would be of no use as they would not bring visitors to your site. Keywords with high competition will make the fight very tough as getting top ranks for these keywords would not be an easy thing, it will take several months to get ranking for such keywords. This is always good to choose the keywords with the competition of medium level.


No SEO campaign can go in the supposed direction without quality content. The content that you use determines what your future will be in the market. When people visit your website, how they decide whether they have to deal with you? Indeed, this is your website content that helps them take their decision. You need content to promote your website at every step – blogs, articles, press releases, meta description, classified ads…., everywhere content is required. The content allows you to target your keywords and add links to your site that helps yours website obtain high visibility in search results. However, this happens only if you use original content for every purpose. You know a large number of online businesses are struggling in the market because their online promotion campaign is based on duplicate content.


Links ruin the dreams of many webmasters, as their SEO service providers build spam links to their sites, which Google considers as a sin and does not like to forgive the sinner. As Google finds a website that has spam links, the search engine either downs the ranking of the site or deindexes the site for the same. So, this is equally important for you to focus on every link that you build like you have to focus on every piece of content that you develop for your website and its promotion campaign.

SEO Strategy

Though we all are humans, we all are different. Our appearance is different, our way of thinking is different, our social requirements are different, our business requirements are different… Then if everything about us is different, how our SEO strategy can be similar? They are also dissimilar, but many service providers do not understand this reality and follow the same policy for every SEO campaign that does not benefit their clients. A strategy that works for one business type does not work for the other one. Every business needs a bespoke SEO strategy. Therefore, your business also needs a custom SEO strategy. The strategy must be well implemented and its revision should happen often in order to see whether it is delivering to your expectations. If not, you should seek for its weaknesses and rework on the same to tailor a flawless strategy.

Now you have come to know the factors that can determines the future of your SEO campaign, so do pay serious attention to these factors, and keep the advice given in the blog to run a successful SEO campaign in your consideration. In case you have already begun your campaign with a digital marketing firm, check these above-mentioned things or hire another digital marketing company to audit the work that has already been done. This will help you improve the quality of your SEO campaign, and let you know as well whether you should continue with your present service provider or search for a new partner for this task.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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