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What Matt Cutts Says about Link Spamming from Blog Comments

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Today, I googled ‘Matt Cutts’ and found an interesting blog on Search Engine Journal that was based on the latest video released by Matt Cutts, in which he disclosed how one could avoid Google’s penalties for link spamming with blog comments. I read the complete blog and watched the full video.

Since I feel information shared in the blog is important to know for everyone indulged in online business, I have decided to share those ideas with you that I have read in the blog.

Matt Cutts answered three questions in the video: Google’s Webmaster Guidelines discourage forum signature links but what about links from comments? Is link building by commenting against Google Webmaster Guidelines? What if it’s a topically relevant site and the comment is meaningful?

Answering the questions Matt Cutts said: I don’t believe in irrelevant comments at all, so I make only relevant comments. In order to avoid SEO conspiracy theories, he leaves comments with a link to relevant information source. Not always, but at some occasions, he gives links to his own blog. Matt Cutts appreciates those all who do similar things.

As per Matt, you should mention your real name to give a link to your website instead of using your keyword for the same.

When you leave comments with your real name and give a link to your website from that, you need not think about link spamming at all.

As stated by Matt Cutts, if you have made your link portfolio full of links from blog comments without natural links by any real person, it will be considered to be link spamming. Therefore, don’t make comments for backlinks only.

Lastly, I would say thanks to Matt Southern for making Matt Cutts’ views viral.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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