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How to Track the Clicks from a B2B Lead Generation Website To Boost Offline Sales

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There are some products that require you to apply a unique conversion strategy. These are the products that come from a business model where leads are generated through the website and then followed up offline.

In this business model, evidence of conversion is usually filled forms and phone calls that have been made to the company. Traditionally, high numbers of this evidence indicated that an online marketing campaign is successful. However, this form of success today is measured using much more.

In the business environment of today, an Internet marketer needs to know the clicks that turn into real sales. Those that simply indicate interest in the products are not fully considered any more. It is often challenging to determine which strategy of Internet marketing to follow. Some strategies bring about a lot of interest in form of filled forms and then a low rate of real life sales. Others have a low rate of online interest but deliver well in terms of sales. When it comes to online marketing, you should always perform conversion analysis so as to identify the proper strategy to invest in.

Conversion analysis and research

Always conduct in depth analysis so as to identify the markets that are competitive. As such, you can invest in these markets and receive a high rate of sales conversions. Typically, these markets are expensive and can charge up to $50 per click. However, they are able to bring about a high rate of sales and this is great for your company. By performing this research, you can allocate the funds at your disposal more efficiently.

When you don’t perform adequate research, your Internet marketing initiative can suffer from a number of problems. One of the most obvious problems is that you are unable to tell which leads are positive and which are negative. Moreover, you are forced to resort to manual methods of identifying the quality of leads.

If you don’t perform analysis, then you are unable to identify the keywords that are making sales and those that are not. As such, it becomes an uphill task to effectively optimize your Adwords as well as the paid marketing sector. When you don’t conduct research, you are bound to waste quality advertising space by posting leads that do not bring in any sales.

Methods that you can use to perform proper research for Internet marketing

There are many sources of information that you can exploit as you perform research to find out how much to invest in your online marketing strategies. These sources give you solid statistical information from the Internet.

One of these is platforms such as Google Adwords. This is a platform for online marketing that is managed by Google. Thousands of webmasters use this specific platform to design and post Adwords advertisements for their websites. This platform can inform you of the most marketable industries. Moreover, this platform can indicate to you the most effective keywords to use in your marketing efforts so as to generate high rates of interest. Google Adwords is a reliable advertisement platform. Another platform of this nature is Doubleclick. Other platforms that you can use are the third party website management platforms such as Kenshoo or Marin.

Web analytics websites are also good sources of information for research into conversion analysis. They are a treasure trove of information about websites and the industries that they are in. examples of these analytics websites are Adobe, Google and IBM Analytics.

To accomplish the above research, you should be able to insert offline sales information into the analytics engines. It is important for the analytics engine to be able to have information covering any and all offline conversions and activities. This can be done by linking the online sessions of the customers with the CRM database that you are using. This link helps in the process of recording the customer’s activities after you have recorded their details. The forms of ID that you can use include the User ID and the Client ID.

The User ID

The various analytics engines for example Google Analytics are able to combine user sessions across various devices. They are able to combine these sessions such that even the activity that is done offline gets recorded. This is accomplished using features known as UserID tracking. The User ID is a code assigned to every visitor of your website. This code is stored by the CRM. Whenever the user looks up and interacts with your website, the code gets connected with the CRM and the respective activity is recorded. The code is stored in the devices that the user utilizes in their day to day tasks. As such, their activities are recorded even when they are offline.

The Client ID

This is an alternative to the Client ID method. In this one, you can link the CRM to the browsers used by the customers. In this scenario, the browsers are the clients. As such, whenever they use a device to view your website, the CRM links their browser using the Client ID. This happens when the customer is browsing through products or filling in a form.

Google Adwords can also accept offline data. This can be accomplished using auto-tagging. This is where the CRM will install a code known as a gclid into the URL whenever a customer clicks on the advert for a product they want to buy. The gclid records a unique string of characters that are sued to record the customer’s activities as well as track them online.

Once the customer uses a device that already has the gclid code, the CRM captures the value of the code and can tell the customer’s activities. This code records these activities even if the customer was offline.


When seeking to promote your website online, there are many tools, methods and strategies that you can use. Ensure that you use Google Adwords and other platforms to perform research about the most marketable terms to use. Moreover, by studying the activities of the customer’s offline, you can easily tailor a promotion strategy that they can relate to. This increases the rate of popularity and boosts the rate of real world sales as well.

Lalit Sharma

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