Tips to Increase Traffic through Social Media

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Tips to Increase Traffic through Social Media

Are you a blogger by profession? Are you looking for ways to establish yourself in the world of blogging? I would say focus on things that can help you obtain traffic to your website. Why? Traffic is the key to publicize your name in the market. The more traffic you get, the soon you will become a famous blogger.

Social media websites can be a great source of traffic to your website. Below are some ideas that will help you increase traffic to your blog through social media websites and establish yourself as a well-known blogger soon.

First Write Heart Stealing Blog Posts:

Give your blog a title that can steal someone’s eye at the very first sight. But, it should not be irrelevant at all. If title is catchy but irrelevant, readers will click and skip… Therefore, make sure your title must be relevant and let readers know what exactly your blog is all about.

Don’t write unnecessary things. Write those things only that can be helpful for your target audience. Well-informed content will increase your credibility in readers. So, they will recommend your blogs to others too.

An attractive image is thousands time more powerful than thousands of words written. Therefore, don’t forget to add an impressive image.

Share Your Posts on Social Media Websites:

Once you are sure you have written a great peace of blog post, share the blog on social media websites through your social media profiles.

Contact Well Established Bloggers of Your Niche:

Search for the best bloggers of your niche. Request the bloggers to share your posts through their social media profiles. I am quite sure everyone will not accept this request. But, if only three to four established bloggers agree to do this, you will benefit a lot from their shares.

Share the Post at the Right Time:

Every time when you share your posts on social media websites through your social media profiles, you will not get the same traffic. Google Analytics will do a great favor in this regard.

Use Social Sharing Plugins:

– Shareaholic

– Slick Social Share Buttons

Following these ideas will help you increase traffic to your blog through social media. So, do try them and see how they work for you. If you have more ideas, let me know through your remarks…

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