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Tips to Get More and More Likes and Shares for Your Social Shares

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What heads you to share something about your business on social networking sites – likes, re-tweets, shares, comments, or something else? Of course, likes, shares, re-tweets, and comments but positive only, as these all help you reach more and more social media users and let them know about your products and services. You want these all in big numbers and feel upset when you notice your plan could not materialize. You share something new, hoping that would get more social shares and likes and re-tweets, but when you notice that this effort also met the same fate, you feel broken and your enthusiasm to use social media platforms for business exposure vanishes.


Don’t be disappointed at all, as your plan of reaching more and more people by getting likes and social shares for your shares in big number can materialize. But, for this, you will have to take care of following tips.

Well-informed Info-graphic Content:

Sharing info-graphic content can help you get more and more likes and shares for your shared content. If you don’t believe us, sign in your social network accounts and check which type of content has got maximum number of likes, re-tweets, and shares. You will come to know the truth.


What, you don’t know how to create info-graphic content? Don’t worry. Take help of any search engine and search the term ‘info-graphic tools’ on the same. Choose any tool that you consider easy to use.

Would it consume too much time? Of course, it would consume time, a bit more than you need to create normal content, but not too much. But, it would attract eyeballs of every individual for sure, and if the content is touching, no reason is there that people would not like, re-tweet, or share the same.

Beautiful Women with Your Content:

Though it may appear a cheap method to get the attention of the users of social sites and get more and more likes and social shares from them, it can do a tremendous job for you. Beautiful women in beautiful poses attract everyone, whether it is a male or a female. So, you will have to play a little dirty game, maybe dirty would be a big word, I think cheap would be much better for this. But, what is cheap in this? I think it is a smart game. Using a beautiful smiling face of a woman in a way that appears relevant to the content you share is not a child’s task. It is the thing that smart people can only do.


Add the images which appear relevant to your content. Suppose you are talking about an offer that your company has launched, you can show some beautiful women in happy pose and expression should reflect that they are happy to know about your offer. Likewise, you can add image of women with your content, as per the demand of the content. For example, you can see the image attached in the blog in which women are talking about a sale.

Blogs and Press Releases:

If you want more and more likes, social shares for your blogs and press releases, you will have to make sure you write what people have interest to read in about your business. Moreover, you will have to make sure the title should be short, well-informed and crispy.

By following these easy suggestions, you can get likes and shares in big number. So, think seriously about your suggestion seriously.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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