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Tips to Ensure Protection from Most of the Google Updates

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Have you noticed one thing or not that most of the Google updates refer to the same things that build quality links and post original content? If you have not done so yet, do it at once to see this amazing truth with your eyes. The most bizarre thing is that Google repeats the same points in its all those updates, but most of us don’t pay any serious attention to its words and experience a big blow after its each update about link building and content publishing.

Recently, Google has introduced two updates: Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1. These two updates also say the same things that post quality content and erect quality links. Penguin 2.1 aims at punishing those websites which do spamming in link building, whereas Hummingbird focuses on poor quality content as well as link spamming.

So, if you don’t want to get affected from any of the updates introduced by Google, focus on these two major things: content and link building.

Here are some tips that would help you please Google with the quality of your content and links.

Ideas to Please Google with Your Content

Don’t copy content from anywhere and paste that on your website.

Put only well informed and original content on the website.

Don’t do keyword stuffing in your website content.

Write original articles or blogs. Post them on the websites that have high PR and very low Alexa.

Keep one thing in your mind clearly that no article/blog should contain unnecessary information. Neither readers nor Google will appreciate this thing.

Don’t use the same content in Meta tags every time because this is the content that gets first attention from Google.

Suggestions to Please Google with Your Links:

Don’t buy any paid link at all. Google prohibits these links strictly. If Google finds you guilty of using paid links, the search engine will take no time to penalize your website from its search results.

Don’t get any link from any website that is indulged in foul practices to manipulate Google search results.

The best way to build quality links will be getting links from high authority content submission websites. Write blogs, articles, and guest blog posts for links.

Don’t put plenty of links in your blogs and articles. Instead get two links from each blog/article: (1) from the body of the article/blog and (2) from the author bio section.

Implementation of these aforementioned suggestions would protect you from most of the updates that Google will introduce. Besides, the suggestions will help you improve your website’s rankings as well as traffic.

If you want more information about the subject, call our experts immediately.

Lalit Sharma

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