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Tips for New Bloggers

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Are you new to blogging industry? Are you looking for tricks that can help you establish yourself as a recognized blogger? If you nod in answer, I would say don’t skip this page at all since here I will provide you various tips that will help you in blog writing and get maximum benefits from your blogs.

The tips are as following:

Don’t Write Just to Write:

You are free to select a topic as per your interest, but you are not free to write anything that just comes in your mind. If you do so, you create a trouble for your own blogging career. Therefore, select any topic that you have interest in, but, don’t pen a single word about that until you are sure the word will touch the heart of the readers.

Focus to Make Blogs User Friendly:

Make your blogs user friendly by putting lots of information in them. This will bring visitors to your blogs and create an interest in them to read the whole blog.

Put Practical Key Phrases:

Don’t put short keywords in your blogs. Instead, put practical long-tail key phrases that information seekers type in search box. Why? Now, Google prefers those pages more in its search results which match with the typed phrase in Google search box.

Add Photographs with Your Blogs:

Publishing heart-stealing photographs with your blogs enhances their attraction. If photographs are attractive, they will encourage visitors to spend some time on your blogs. Don’t forget to optimize the photographs.

Share Your Blogs on Social Networking Websites:

Social sharing of your blogs will increase number of readers. Therefore, share your blogs on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Add Internal Links:

Internal links can help you a lot to establish yourself as a good blogger. How? When you give a link of one blog in another blog, you inform readers about that another blog and encourage the readers to read that blog too. Since his method can help you establish yourself as a good blogger with a fast pace, do try it.

Optimize URL Structure:

Don’t forget to optimize the URL of your blog since it is the thing that clearly indicates what your blog is all about and encourages Google to promote your blog in its search results.

I believe these suggestions might be quite helpful for you to become a known face of the industry. Therefore, do think about them.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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