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Three Critical Questions That Matt Cutts Answered in 2013

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Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web spam team, answered several critical questions in 2013 with an aim to help the internet marketers working hard to get top search engine rankings and multiply their website’s traffic. And here I have brought three of them for you which I considered to be important for every internet marketer.

Q1:- “Should webmasters use the disavow tool, even if it is believed that no penalty has been applied?”

Answering this question, Matt Cutts released a video. In his video Matt Cutts encouraged the website owners to use the disavow tool confidently whenever they have any doubt about the quality of built links or their websites have been penalized. To know what he said, watch this video:

Q2:- “How can I guest blog without it looking like I pay for links?”

In answer to this question, Matt Cutts suggested the online marketers to post guest blogs to the high authority blogs which do not approve any guest post instantly but take time to examine and approve the same. See this video to see what he said:

Q3:- “When will there be official Google support for webmaster questions? I only ever receive automated responses after submitting reconsideration requests despite going to length to write in detail with regards to my issues and what I have done.”

About this question, Matt Cutts says that Google receives thousands of reconsideration requests and other queries every month. To get quick reply, he advises to post any query on Google Webmaster Central Forum. To know what exactly he said, watch this video:

Besides these three questions, Matt Cutts answered several other questions in 2013. To know about all of them, you can search for “Matt Cutts videos in 2013” since Matt Cutts answers every question in a video.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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