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Blunders To Be Avoided for Running A Successful Social Media Campaign

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Want business identity, referrals and business leads for your newly established business? There can be no better platform for you than social media. Social media has been identified as a fabulous platform to help new businesses to create their really, really good brand identity. It can help you convey your business message to your target audience precisely and open up opportunities for interaction with your existing as well as would-be customers which all help you to become well-recognized in the market.

Being in business with an ambition to become a leading name, you should avoid misusing social media, as some businesses do. Inappropriate use of social media websites can result in customer alienation. It is possible that you may be using some bad social media tricks considering them beneficial for your business gain, but they will be causing damage to your business, in reality.

Below are some points that you should read carefully and follow properly if you don’t want to see your social media campaign going in reverse direction.

Being Imprecise:

Business analysts and social media experts say, you are supposed to be honest and transparent with your target audience if you run a business and you want your business to get seen in the list of thriving businesses.

Some businesses run their social media campaigns without providing much knowledge about their organization and physical location. This provides people a reason to have a reservation in their minds about those businesses, and people express their doubts through their comments which go against the businesses and discourage people to think about the products and services. If you don’t want to have similar fate like them, you should not follow their footprints at all. You must share everything about your business on your social media pages that you want to know about a business house before having a business deal with the same. This will leave a positive impression on social media website users about your business.

Removing Negative Comments:

Before commencing your social media campaign, you must understand one thing very clearly that you will get negative comments also, regardless of the fact you are doing your level best to provide the best products and services to your customers, and there is no way to avoid negative comments. Instead of fearing from the negative comments, you should zero in on how to make them null and void through your response. If you think removing negative comments is the solution, you are going in the wrong direction. This will do big harm to your business than negative comments on your social media pages could do. Deleting negative comments would make already unhappy customers unhappier and they would use other platforms to take their issues to the world, and from those places you would not be able to remove the negative comments. Then, what will you do? So, don’t do this mistake at all.

Insensitive Shares:

Unreasonable social shares can badly hurt to your well-running social media campaign. Being a serious business house, you must not share anything that does not have any relation to your business. Your improper shares can provide your local media houses, hungry for news boosting up their rating points, some interesting news to talk about. They will get news, but their news will make your business path full of pricks, on which if you move forward with a little carelessness, you will only experience wounds and extreme pain. Therefore, think thrice before sharing anything on any social networking account.

Insensitive Tweets:

Most of the business houses have created their profile on Twitter, recognizing the value of Twitter for being a well-recognized market brand. Some of them just search for occasions to make tweets, as tweets allow them to come in the eyes of their target audience. Some think controversial tweets can easily help them get market recognition, so they knowingly tweet something that become a hot topic of debate in the market and help the company to get recognition, but this does a negative publicity. You should avoid such any activity completely. You can also make tweets, but make genuine tweets only that leave your good impression on the readers and don’t create any storm. You know your tweets will now appear in top search results of Google, as Google and Twitter have done a contract that allows the search engine to check the tweets and show them in search results.

Ignoring The Questions of Existing or Likely Customers:

Some business people assume social media to be a platform where they can share anything related to their business. They forget social media is an interaction platform where their existing or would-be customers might ask them any question. And if they see any questions, they often ignore them. This is a wrong habit. Ignore to answer the questions will leave a bad impression on those who will see your social media pages. As you see any question, do try to offer the best answer, regardless of the fact question is inappropriate.

Improper Hashtags:

For having access to more and more social media users, especially on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, hashtags is one the best ways. Adding hashtags to your tweets and shares can help you very much in finding potential customers. But, you must use this trick cautiously. Using this improperly might result in embarrassment on social media. There are several examples when hashtags have been used improperly and they have brought catastrophic consequences to the related business.

What in Conclusion?

The best strategy to succeed in your social media campaign is to think thrice before doing anything. Post anything only after you are sure what you are going to do is neither inappropriate nor offensive in any manner. This would not only ensure success of your social media campaign but also help you avoid any embarrassing state of affairs.

To know in detail what will make your social media campaign performance oriented, just reach a trustworthy social media professional who has a wealth of experience in the field, as he would be able to better analyze your requirements and provide you great solutions.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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