Stepping up your SEO Campaigns with Ideal Hosting Services

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Stepping up your SEO Campaigns with Ideal Hosting Services

Does the choice of hosting service provider affect your search engine rankings? It’s a definite yes. Not so many people understand the inevitable correlation between web hosting and SEO. Even for the few who know about this, only a negligible percentage takes advantage of this knowledge to improve their search engine rankings. Unknown to so many people, stepping up your SEO campaigns can be as easy as exploiting the undeniable relationship that lies between web hosting and search engine optimization.

It starts with the choice of Company

With the right choice of web hosting company, you can improve your search engine dominance the easier way. Choosing the ideal hosting service provider might not necessarily boost your rankings overnight. However, it will definitely guard you against the negative effects of choosing wrong hosts. Unfortunately for many people, price remains the key determinant when it comes to hosting selection. For this group of people, the cost of hosting services overrides essential factors like reputation and customer experience. A supportive hosting company will definitely help you climb the search engine ladder.

Besides reputation and customer service, the payment services should also feature among your top priorities when looking for the best hosting service provider. It is never advisable going for 2 or 3 years upfront payment. Instead, you should opt for one year plans, presenting you with perfect option to shift your loyalty in case of any technicalities. Long-term hosting contracts are legally binding even when the services rendered aren’t in line with your expectations.

Never Compromise on Security

Insecure servers can massively hurt your search engine optimization campaigns. A single security breach can expose your confidential credentials, a fete that will definitely put you in the red list of search engines. Even worse, cyber-related crimes make essential customer information like credit cards and passwords vulnerable. As such, your choice of hosting company should be safe and free of common security threats. Otherwise, it might thwart your relentless efforts of gracing the first few pages of notable search engines.

Maximize Uptime Guarantee

You can only make impacts in the SEO world when you are online. A couple of downtime seconds might cost you a fortune as far as SEO is concerned. A simple 404 error might make the difference between an effective SEO campaign and futile efforts. More often than not, search engine spiders crawl through various sites daily. The worst thing that can ever happen is your website being out of reach during such times. It will simply be rendered inaccessible, hurting your search engine rankings in the process. Repeated hours of downtime can have your website flagged as unreliable and your rankings downgraded in the process.

Before penning a hosting deal with a company, always verify their uptime guarantee. For the best outcome, accept nothing less than 99.9% uptime guarantees. While many companies will promise this figure, only a countable number of them live up to their promise. That is why you need the services of professional company review sites like Yelp for verification purposes. All you need is reliability and a hosting company with more than 7hours of downtime monthly (99% uptime guarantee) isn’t worth your cash. Although no company can guarantee 100% uptime, like every customer wants, a good hosting company will ensure your website is reachable as often as possible.

Free SEO Advice: Never settle for anything less than 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Location is Key

For many years, the subject of location of servers has been a subject of debate in the extensive SEO world. Does the location of hosting servers affect one’s search engine rankings? Undoubtedly, someone’s location largely influences the search engine results he gets. Most of the websites presented in the search results will be those close to his locality. In determining the location of many websites, most search engines use the IP addresses, a number that is assigned based on the location of a server on which a site is hosted. Ideally, it means hosting your company on an American-based website will have related search engine results featured among American searchers.

Not so many people consider it a great factor although it impacts SEO campaigns. As such, you should consider the location of your hosting servers before signing a deal with any web hosting company. Nevertheless, it is still possible to have your website prominently feature in other countries’ search rankings, but with extra efforts.

It’s all about Speed

The main goal of search engine is to provide relevant and easily accessible search results to their users. Sites with lower load speeds are greatly affected when it comes to search engine rankings. With load speed issues, you might never live to fulfill your SEO dreams. Therefore, to make the most out of your search engine optimization campaigns, it is important to consider the speed offered by your host.

How does one know his site’s average loads peed? It is never difficult. Through sites like Gmetrix and Tools Pingdom, you can quickly check your site’s loads peed statistics. While shared web hosting can affect the speed of your website, the particular server on which your website is located can also have a significant impact on your site’s loading time. Depending on the traffic, you can have your website moved to a less busy server. Even better, you can have your website hosted on a dedicated server for greater load speeds. Upgrading your hosting packages can work a great deal in enhancing your SEO campaigns.

However, it is worth noting that slower loading speeds might not necessarily be the effects of web hosting. The problem might as well result from the site’s anatomy. As such, it is advisable to go through the configuration and coding of your site before contacting your web host.

Get it done the easier way

Gracing the top pages of search engines comes with great sacrifice and intensified techniques. The choice of hosting services can greatly affect the results of your search engine campaigns. Settling for nothing less than perfect hosting services will go a great length in steering your SEO campaigns.

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