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Some Helpful Tools to Identify Negative SEO

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Negative SEO is a broad term. People define this term in their own ways. Some consider this a tactic being used by the competitors to build spam links for their websites. Some consider it a way of link stealing by other webmasters to improve the visibility of their websites. For some, negative search engine optimization means website hacking and content theft. Though people define this term as per their own common sense, one thing is pretty sure that it could harm website’s visibility and traffic.

How can you defend your website from negative search engine optimization? How can you avoid any probable loss by negative search engine optimization? For avoiding any probable risk of negative search engine optimization, it is necessary that you keep monitoring your website properly so that you can get informed when someone tries negative search engine optimization tricks on your website, and you can take steps to fail any such attempt easily.

You have loads of other works, so it is not possible for you to monitor your website every time or check what is being done on the same. If you focus on your website, your concentration on your business activities will weaken that will result in business loss. So, it is necessary that you should have a proper mechanism to keep eye on your website.

Here, I would let you know about some tools that would help you identify negative search engine optimization.

Google Webmaster Tools

This is a must for a webmaster. To employ this tool, you need to register your website on this. Now, you can log in any time. This tool will let you know if someone hacks your website. If Google notices any suspicious activity, it will let you know about the same through emails. Google will inform you about manual link penalty, which is often result of negative search engine optimization against your website. The sooner you come to know your website has got manual penalty and you use disavow tool, you get relief from the penalty.

Authority Labs

Authority labs informs you about the ups and downs in rankings of your website for targeted keywords via weekly email. Now, you can check the pages which have lost their rankings to determine what has caused fall in ranking, whether the reason is negative search engine optimization or anything else.


It has been perceived that sometimes some webmasters steal content from other websites for their websites and put the same on their websites and the stolen content outrank original content in search results. Do you have any idea how can you catch content stealing? You can do this through the use of internal links as well as trackbacks from your CMS platform.

Rival IQ

This tool allows you to monitor your website’s position in search results for various keywords. Moreover, this tool helps you identify what tactics your competitors are adopting to get ahead in search results. If any of your competitors is doing negative search engine optimization on your website, you would come to know about the same also.

Negative SEO can do a big harm to your website’s presence and traffic, so beware of this. Think seriously about this as well as what measures you have to take to protect your website from negative SEO, whether you have to use above-mentioned tools or you have to adopt any other means.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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