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Social Media and Related Myths

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Social media sites have more than 2 billion users – not I but stats say the same. Facebook and Twitter are the sites that have attracted a big share of social media users. Evidences signify that engagement on social media aids businesses to attract sales opportunities also. Nevertheless, businesses in large number have not recognized its value for them. Only 30-40% is using this platform for their business gain. Now, a question that arises is if social media sites have been proven to be helpful for business why businesses are not showing their great interest in them. The reason is myths about them. If you have also not used social media sites for your business so far on account of heard rumors about the same, just go through the blog, in which I have tried to provide you the reality about some myths.


Social Media is a Time Pass Platform.


This is a partial truth about social media sites. People use these sites for time pass also, but it does not mean that everyone uses social media sites only for conversation and sharing images and videos. The other side of the story is that social media is a choice of every smart person, as this enables him to enhance his social as well as professional contacts and get in touch with his contacts at any time of the day.


Social Media Can Tarnish the Business Image:


Many businesses maintain their distance from social media sites because they feel that social media sites can deteriorate their image in the eyes of feasible buyer of their products that can cause a big business loss to them. The reason behind their fear is that social media sites allow users to make comments, so chances are there that some people may make negative comments that can harm the reputation of the company in the market. But, they forget that social media sites provide them an opportunity to counter the negative remarks. Suppose if someone says anything negative about your business, you have an opportunity to counter his views. By giving logical view in an impressive you can give the lie to the person who has made that negative remark and surface yourself as a worthy business house. You know this will discourage others who want to say anything bad about you. In case you perceive that someone has used offensive words, you can approach the social media sites to remove the same.

If your doubts about the use of social media have been removed, go ahead to use these sites for your business gain.  For sucking all juice available on social media for your business, slate an expert professional for this job.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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