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Site Quality Matters, Not the Quality of Meta Titles and Descriptions

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John Muller has brought some good news for those who cannot inscribe the Meta title tags and descriptions and so are compelled to make use of duplicate ones. As per John Muller, having duplicate title tags and Meta descriptions would not make your website spammy and not make it vulnerable to Google penalty.

So, instead of having focussed on the originality of title tags and Meta descriptions, you should now focus on the overall quality of your website. You should follow SEO guidelines of Google on your website.

Some key points that will facilitate you make your website worthy for Google are as following:

Website Must Be User-Friendly:

Most people think that just having a website is enough to make an entry in online business world and attract business opportunities in big number. However, when they live their website and see no business response through this, they realize that reality is quite different from their assumption.

For attracting more business through your website, it is obligatory that you create a user-friendly website. A website on which visitors find everything, easily, that they are looking for. Moreover, your website must be able to open properly on systems having low speed internet connections.

Website Content Must Be Relevant, Appealing, And Original:

Many a people who are in the misconception that they are smarter than others don’t want to take professional content writing services for their website, and what they do, they check web content of various websites and pick up the content segments they like. They compile the content segments and make their website content ready, and post the content on their website.

This misconception about their smartness cost them heavily.  Google gives them a good lesson by penalizing their websites in search results.

I would advise you not to make this mistake at all. Hire services of professional content writers to tailor the content for your website. Explain them what exactly your business domain is and what you want to achieve through your website content. This will help the professional writers develop professional content for your website that will appeal the hearts of readers and help you accomplish your objective.

Website Links (To and From) Must Be High Authority:

Search engines refer to links as votes in favor of a website. The more links your website has, the better visibility and web traffic it can expect. Therefore, it is essential for your website to have high quality ‘To’ and ‘From’ links.

Link building is measured as an integral section of online business promotion. Business owners who don’t have any idea regarding link building, just hand over this big responsibility to any agency that promises high visibility and huge web traffic at the least price. However, in a little while, they realize how big mistake they have committed, as they see adverse result of the campaign, they find Google has banned their website.

So, don’t hire just any link building company to build links for your website, as nothing can be a bigger suicidal endeavor than this. Many organizations are there in the market, which don’t hesitate to build spam links for their clients, as they want to show quick results to them. But, in long run this practice harms to the business interests of their clients, as Google disapproves spam links and punishes the sites which are linked to spam sites.

Promotional Content Must Be Original and Appealing:

Content marketing is the best way to convey your business message to your clients, attract web traffic in large number, and improve your website’s visibility in Google search results. But, content marketing helps your business in flourishing if this is done in a proper way. Poorly done content marketing results in negative consequences – this results in loss of visibility and traffic and disengagement of even the interested customers. Content marketing is an inevitable source of link building also. Smart link builders use quality content as their main weapon to build links as this protect the site from Google penalty and help them provide their clients better results soon.

So, now stop thinking about Meta title tags and description and start focusing on these above explained points.

If you want to check what John Muller has exactly said, watch this Video:




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