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SEO with Social Media: Proven Facts for Effective Online Marketing

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Top companies worldwide have various online marketing strategies and monitoring plans. This includes linking their SEO content with their social media pages to gain maximum profits from the power of online marketing. Two years ago, E-consultancy released a report that backed up these findings through surveying different companies. 82% of the organizations surveyed had SEO strategies interlinked with their social media campaigns.

In 2013, a counter-report was released by Matt Cutts. Matt expounded on how Google does not use social media signals in its SEO rankings.

This threw marketers off-balance, making some marketers run their SEO content and social media pages separately. This has changed of course, with other counter reports that have come up proving the invalidity of Matt Cutts’ assertions. Most organizations are now back on track in integrating their social and SEO campaigns. If you are still not clear on how or whether your company’s SEO content and social media should be linked, read on to get the facts on how this strategy works and how it can help you improve your performance in online marketing.

The four pillars of an online marketing strategy

Email marketing, advertising on social platforms, social media marketing and SEO are the blocks that build successful online marketing campaigns.

  • Email marketing is a marketing tactic that is celebrated by different organizations-old and new together. Companies no longer have to go through the tedious process of mailing by post to communicate to their clients. Email marketing is also a great way to reach your customers on a one-on-one basis because personalized messages can easily be created and sent out, making customers feel acknowledged and valued.
  • You can never go wrong with advertising on social media. People across the world are now more active and in tune with social media more than ever. Maximize on your brand visibility by being visible where most people are found to grow your brand. Failure to do that increases the risk of your business losing out to your competition. Matter of fact many people have shifted to other brands after being enticed by interesting social media campaigns. So start and sustain meaningful conversations with your clients on social media platforms and witness the growth of your customer base.
  • Most bloggers face the common challenge of not getting enough traffic to their blogs. Through social media promotion, bloggers and your content managers have a great chance of getting more exposure to your content. This can be done by incorporating your company’s social media handles on your web pages, and putting statements that encourage your readers to share if the content has been useful to them.
  • SEO continues to be the most powerful tool in online marketing. Through effective SEO strategies, you can save your company from being among the large number of company websites that receive no traffic at all. Good content increases the traffic to your website. You can have strong advertising and marketing campaigns without necessarily having a huge budget through SEO. With SEO you do not have to pay millions of dollars to increase your brand’s visibility like the traditional conventional forms of advertising like TV and print advertising.

SEO also offers companies the assistance they need in getting better ROI. Search engines have gone out of their way to offer transparency and help webmasters optimize their websites for the different search engines. Utilize SEO site tools to monitor your online presence and improve your website’s performance on search results pages. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Console offer good suggestions and guidelines to help grow your website’s online presence.

Google’s human approach

Google has been continually revamping its algorithm to accommodate the needs of its users. Research has proven that effective marketing involves adding a human touch to advertising by creating personalities and making people feel that they are associating more with a person instead of a company. This strategy is easily fulfilled by social platforms. Hence, Google is ranking active social media networks. This is in line with Google’s mission to make the Web a more fun and interactive platform for its users.

Google is also trying to push this human approach with its Google+ platform to make personalities more visible in search results. Your company should therefore be active on Google+ to take advantage of this.

Search engines include social media channels

In 2010, Twitter was getting over 19 billion search queries in one month, while Facebook was getting over a billion queries in one day. These numbers have grown with the increased activity on these social media platforms in the recent years. This is a great indicator of how SEO and social media have merged in content marketing through social media networks.


Trends in online marketing strategies are always changing. It is up to companies to be proactive by remaining up to date with what works to avoid spending on outdated online marketing strategies. As proven above, it will do you great to come up with online marketing game plans that incorporate your SEO campaigns with social media engagement. This way, you will be assured of being ahead of your competitors.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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