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Seo Tools Helping Your Business To Grow

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SEO acronym for search engine optimization has become vital to achieve success in online business. There are plenty of advanced tools which are capable to rank any website number one on various search engines. For better results on search engines, it is not necessary to go for all SEO tools, but to a few only on which you have mastery because your online business’ future would be decided by the factor that how efficiently a tool is used for your website and not by how many tools you have used for the same.

Here, we have decided to introduce you with some of the very significant SEO tools which can help you to gain better results from your online business if you get mastery over a few of them only.

Google Webmaster Tools- This tool allows submitting and checking of a sitemap, generating and checking of robots.txt file. Additionally it lists internal and external pages and sets a preferred domain and much more.

Google Adword Keyword Tool- It is the tool that helps you to research keywords and to select as per your requirement.

Google Page Speed Tool- It checks the time which you need to load your web pages.

Keyword Tracker- It is a keyword analysis tool.

Keyword Discovery- Keyword research tool.

Wipmania– It is a Geographic IP location detection tool.

Copyscape– It helps you to avoid duplicity in content.

Firebug- It is a Firefox extension used for reviewing code, search for hidden text issues that may cause search engine penalties

RedFLY GoogleGlobal Firefox and Chrome Extension– It helps to see SERPs in other countries.

MajesticSEO Tool- A tool to track research and analyze links.   

Pingdom Tool- It is used to monitor uptime and performance of your website.

Sistrix Toolbox- This toolbox is used to track page ranking, search volume, and traffic index.

SEMRush Tool- To get competitive SEO and PPC keyword related information.

Alexa- You can use it to get to know information in respect with the popularity of your website.

Maxmind- Geographic IP detection tool to the city level.

These all above described SEO tools are really become boon for your online business campaign if you use them efficiently. In order to customize them according to your business needs you can take help of a professional SEO company which has been dealing in the niche for last couple of years successfully.

Lalit Sharma

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