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How SEO can help your Business through Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

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Much like many other aspects of life, digital marketing can only succeed through concerted application of all techniques within the marketer’s arsenal. To be successful at any one strategy, search engine optimization for instance, you must combine the capabilities of all other elements by creating an Omni-marketing strategy. By building on the unique opportunities presented by each aspect, you can propel your business into unbelievable success in the long run.

This article is for you if you’re part of a large organization and have as yet not been able to seamlessly integrate your digital marketing efforts to ensure collective success with multiple teams in your field. Larger clients have unique requirements in terms of SEO, given the sheer complexity of their business strategies. However, the same principles can be scaled down and applied even to small business owners. Read on to understand more on this subject.

A little background: what does Google have to do with it?

In the last twenty or so years since Google was born, it has finally cemented its place as the beginning of most consumers’ journeys in the sales process. According to intensive research by many parties, close to 90 percent of all consumers are using information from search engines to shed light on their purchasing decisions. By ignoring search engine optimization, you are effortlessly serving your competition with your customers on a golden platter.

SEO is not a unique technique only applicable to businesses of a certain size. Any business operating in today’s global landscape must have a robust online marketing strategy, whether local or international, online or offline or product or service provider. Organic search must be at the heart of your business marketing strategy.

To further complicate things, SEO is an ever-evolving field of marketing, because of the constant changes being made to search engine algorithms. What your SEO consultants did even two years ago is completely different from what they need to do now to remain in the game. With the evolution of search engines, search algorithms become more complex and advanced to provide the best possible results to searchers. As a result, your eventual position on SERPs will be impacted by many variables, some of which are without your control.

As you advance your marketing strategy, consider any real-time and reported data as icebergs – there is much more under the surface. Getting an idea of what lies where you cannot see will be crucial for continued success, but this can only be done with the help of expert and experienced SEO practitioners. Such people are those who have:

  • Multi-faceted knowledge and experience in all online marketing strategies
  • Indepth insight into the internal workings of search engines
  • A clear and broad understanding of the client’s current situation and business goals/objectives
  • Detailed knowledge on what the client must do to meet those business objectives

With their help, you can come up with a fully integrated strategy – a challenging but extremely necessary task in itself. It is not enough to have an expert on your side however; you must be involved in the process 100 percent of the time. Don’t take any explanations/theories without questioning them. Take advantage of their experience and knowledge to build a detailed plan you can follow through with.

Where Omni-channel marketing begins: with the customer

Any marketing strategy that will succeed over the long term must be centered on the customer. Omni channel marketing strategies are not similar to multi-channel marketing strategies: the latter is majorly concerned with ensuring consistency of messaging across different channels. The former however is bout developing real continuity between the channels, so that the customer enjoys a seamless brand experience regardless of where they are interacting with your business from.

Omni-channel marketing creates and promotes true brand loyalty by fulfilling the customer’s needs at every stage. Coupled with SEO, it gives your business a winning edge by putting your products and/or services in front of your target audience at the exact time they are ready to take the plunge.

While you don’t need to implement omni-marketing strategy to see great results in SEO, doing so will lead to exponential returns from your marketing strategy. Below are just some of these benefits:

  • A rise in the number of ‘free’ organic traffic from Google as well as other search engines
  • Increase in outreach to new prospective customers and more sales as a result
  • Inexpensive and sustainable gain in your market share

SEO offers your business something that no paid advertising channel can do: sustainable growth years after your initial investment. Whereas paid advertising benefits stop once you stop investing in it, careful SEO with an integrated online marketing strategy will have traffic streaming into your site for years. User0-centric content will send traffic to your site, from where they will be exposed to your offers, eventually resulting in conversions and other benefits.

Approaching online marketing should look less like a silo system and more like a manufacturing plant: outputs from one channel form valuable inputs for another channel and so forth. We can expect to see SEO growing and becoming more relevant in coming years, now that Google and other search engines are making more strides towards improving customer experience.

Instead of balking into a corner and viewing the internet as a threat to your business, you can harness its power and grow your online multitude far beyond what you can achieve with a bricks-and-mortar setup in your local town. However, this is only possible with an integrated marketing scheme merging organic search with social media and paid search.


As organizations continue to appreciate the impact Google and the Internet scene has on their bottom lines, we can expect to see bigger budgetary allocations being dedicated to online marketing. However, success can only be possible if you appreciate the real value of integrated marketing. At the very least, you must have a unified strategy to deal with the ever-changing online landscape to avoid getting swallowed up by the big bad Internet. Think of it like fire: a bad master, but a very good servant – only if you know what to do.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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