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Secrets to increasing the size of your customer base significantly

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Customers are the lifeline of any business. It does not matter whether you sell frozen yog hurt or you deal with car tires, your business will never survive without customers. Therefore, you have to find clever ways to not only acquire but also retain those customers. How do you know a good business? A good business is one that advertises itself effortlessly. For instance, customers do not need to be told to tell other people about the products, they do it out of their own free will. However, before all that can happen you have to get the customer.

The headache of acquiring customers

There are so many challenges that are you are bound to face when you are trying to get the customers. The biggest of these challenges is money. You will spend a lot of money trying to get new customers to join your customer base. There are advertising fees that you will pay and as you probably know advertising is not all that cheap.

Another challenge that you will have to grapple with is quality of the advertising content. Getting content that captures that attention of the public easily is not all that simple. People like different things and so you have to figure out what a majority of your prospective customers love. Take for instance- and this is not exactly the best of examples- the story of ‘sex in the church’. A certain church wanted to promote an event it was organizing concerning sexual purity. However, the images that they used on the posters were not exactly what you would expect from a church. It caught the attention of the public but for all the wrong reasons.

Therefore, when you are creating an advertising campaign, you should make sure that you are using great content, but at the same time relevant content. It should be content that promotes your business and at the same time paints your business in the best light.

Customer acquisition strategies

You do not have to spend a fortune to acquire new customers. You have the time and talent to work with? This is good for you because there are customer acquisition strategies that do not need you to spend a fortune in the process. These strategies include:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Search engine Optimization (SEO)

They are not entirely free, but then they do spend a significantly lower amount of money than the other methods of acquiring customers. They are inbound marketing strategies and they bring in great returns. As the business grows then you can start considering some outbound marketing activities. The thing about inbound marketing is that it adds value to your online business making it a reliable resource center for your customers. Outbound marketing of course is more costly because you will be using other people’s resources to bring in customers.

  • Content marketing

This is the smartest way to attract customers as a startup that is tight on money. The power of content marketing is immense. It is not all that easy to create fantastic content, but then when you do you will get excellent results from it- of that you are guaranteed. Content marketing is such a popular activity today because more and more businesses including those large multinational companies. Creating good content that keeps people coming back to your website requires that you take some time to figure out your target audience.

When you know your target audience then you will be able to create content that works for their tastes and preferences. This is the secret to marketing using content. With content that works for the masses, people will be visiting your website in droves. This increase in traffic will not go unnoticed particularly by the search engines.

  • Search engine optimization

Improving your rank on the search engines for a particular keyword should prove to be extremely lucrative for the success of your business as well. SEO has seen the success of so many businesses. Bloggers across the globe are utilizing this strategy a lot to get traffic to their website. It is because of SEO that blogging is considered a career nowadays.

  • Social media promotion

Facebook is free to use and so is Twitter, and the innumerable lot of other social media platforms available. You can make really good money by promoting your brand on social media. All that you need to do is post on your profile or better yet, create a profile for your brand.


There are thousands of ways that you can get new customers coming to your business. It does not matter whether it is a start up business or one that has been in existence for years. It is possible to get more customers coming your way. The first step is to create an online presence for your business and then employ the multitude of options available for you to promote your business.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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