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Say Goodbye to Sneaky Redirects If You Do So!

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Google has warned the webmasters to avoid sneaky redirects, which is known as cloaking too. Google has done aiming at discouraging this tactic of webmasters to manipulate Google search results for their personal gain. Apart from the warning, Google has updated its webmaster quality guidelines in order to let the webmasters know what types of redirects they should avoid.

If you are unfamiliar to sneaky redirects, I would like to tell you that when a webmaster shows different content to the Google crawlers and website visitors, it is called to sneaky redirect. For instance, you are showing Google that your website is about search engine optimization and when visitor reaches on your website, he finds that your website is fashionable accessories.

Google has issued this warning through its guidelines since it has become a common spamming tactic in last couple of years. In order to generate web traffic, spammers are doing sneaky redirects. These redirects irritate the internet users since they are getting content against their expectations.

Google has warned the webmasters against the sneaky redirects, but it has called several types of redirects quite legitimate: when you redirect one URL to another in the case you have moved your website to different domain; when a user log into a website, you can also redirect him but the condition is that the redirect should not be aiming at manipulation.

Now, it appears that Google has become able to crack down on webmasters who have been doing sneaky redirects. Therefore, don’t do sneaky redirects if you are serious about your business existence.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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