Ripoff Report: A Devil and Angel at the Same Time

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Ripoff Report: A Devil and Angel at the Same Time

Businesses fear from Ripoff Report, while common people appreciate it. Why businesses fear and why common people love Ripoff Report, I will discuss this here with you in the blog.

Let’s first talk about the former question – why businesses fear from Ripoff Report. They fear because it can finish them in the market. How is this possible that a website can finish a business? For this, it is necessary to understand why exactly this site was launched. It was launched in 1998 by Ed Magedson with an objective to enable common mass to take their voice against those businesses which provide poor quality product or service and not pay any attention to the complaints made by their customers. In addition to this, this site aimed at creating awareness in the internet users about the organizations from which they should not deal until they become assured from every angle about the quality of the product or service that they provide. Now, since this site is for a noble cause, Google promotes it in its search results.

So, whenever any complaint is posted on this site about any organization that post most often occupies a place on the first page of the search results about that particular company, which maligns the image of the company in the eyes of everyone who searches about the company on Google. As more than 70% internet users prefer to the internet for getting information about any business or buying/selling anything, so a complaint on Ripoff Report can do a big loss to the business and make the same moribund. And the business completely meets to the end by negative viral marketing done by those who see Ripoff Report against the business. When they know anyone is going to take a product from the company against which they saw Ripoff Reports, they forbid the person about this.

Now, it is time to discuss why people love this site. People embrace this site since this site allows them to take their dissatisfaction with a product/service/company to the world and teach a good lesson to the organization which does not pay any attention to their concerns.

By now, you must have understood why I have called this Ripoff Report devil as well as angel at the same time. So, if you are a business house, take your customers seriously and pay attention to their each small and major query.

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