Remove Your Links from Italian or Spanish Link Networks Immediately

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Remove Your Links from Italian or Spanish Link Networks Immediately

If you have got links to your website from Spanish or Italian link networks, remove them immediately. Why? Matt Cutts, head of search spam team at Google, has recently tweeted that Spanish and Italian are the languages which Google is targeting with an aim to reduce unnatural links.


Don’t take the words of Matt Cutts lightly at all because if you don’t clean up unnatural links that you have from Spanish or Italian link networks soon, you may get an email in your webmaster tool account’s inbox informing you that your website has been penalized on account of having unnatural links. And at that moment, you would have no option than to cry since your business website would have been banned in the Google search results and it would not be visible anymore in Google search results. So, you would not get any business opportunity through Google that is used by more than 60% internet users in the world.


You know once your website is penalized, it would never be easy for you to get rid of the same. You would have to send reconsideration request to Google and if the search engine feels your reconsideration request has some worth, then only it would remove your website form the penalty. Otherwise, you would have no option than to abandon your present website and launch another. But the other website would not be in the ranking so soon, so you would have to wait until that becomes worthy for Google and Google starts promoting the same in its search result.

Lastly, I would say only one thing that not paying serious attention to the tweets of Matt Cutts can ruin your business. So, don’t make any delay in removing the links.

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