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Rand Fishkin Stepped down, Sarah Bird Took the Chair of CEO at MOZ

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Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of the company, swapped his role at the MOZ with Sarah Bird on January 15, 2014. So, now Rand Fishkin is the COO and Sarah Bird is the CEO at the company.

Rand Fishkin & Sarah Bird

As per Rand, he found the last year 2013 quite difficult for him as he felt difficulties to meet the business obligations and achieved less than hoped business results. He, now, wants to handle a job responsibility that he is good at and that he can handle in a better way.

About the size of the organization, Rand said, “Being a CEO at a 10-person startup, a 30-person startup, and even up to ~75 people at Moz was a truly enjoyable experience. But the growth from ~75 to ~135 today has been less fun for me. I’m still learning a tremendous amount, but I’m being challenged to such a degree on issues like organizational development, HR, conflict resolution, process building, and morale that I feel out of my depth, and poorly suited, especially from an emotional resiliency perspective, to meeting my obligations.”

Would you believe at one point, Rand wanted to fire Sarah from the organization and she herself was thinking to quit the company? Yes, it happened since things were not good between them.

Sarah Bird is quite excited about the new job responsibility and believes she can do it in a better way.

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