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Now Focus On the Quality of Links and Not On Their Number

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You may have heard many times from many search engine optimization professionals that links are like votes in favor of your business. The more links you build to your website, the more web visibility and web traffic your website enjoys and that result in enhanced sales opportunities. I have also said this several times. But, surprisingly, the scenario has completely changed. Now, I would not recommend you to focus on the number of links. Instead, I would suggest you to focus on the quality of links. Any link’s quality that you have any

link-buildingreservation about, just remove that immediately without investing your time in thinking about the same.

Maybe you are thinking what suddenly has happened that has forced me to change my outlook about links and appear before you with an entirely different stand. Back in the day, Google was terming link building as a way to consider the value of a web-page.

Matt Cuts, the head of Google’s search spam team, who is on long leave, and no one knows whether his leave will finish ever, said links to be the means for Google to check the value of a web page.


But, John Muller, who is handling the job responsibilities of search spam team in the absence of Mr. Matt Cuts, has surprised everyone with his completely different view regarding the links. As per John Muller, link building is no longer advisable since it does more harm than benefit. Don’t misinterpret his statement and keep your link building plan aside. If you misconstrue his real intention and stop link building, you will perceive a scary fall in your website’s visibility and web traffic that might shake the roots of your business. About Muller’s statement, several experts have to say that he has said this because many webmasters use low quality websites for link building, as they focus on the quantity and not on the quality, which result in ban on their websites. Therefore, if you are indulged in such any practice, you will earn nothing except Google penalty. So, link building of this kind is really unadvised as it is not more than a suicidal attempt

Now, it is high time to check the quality of links that you have built for your website and remove all those which are from low authority sites. Google Disavow tool can be of great use in this connection. With this tool, you can easily identify poor links and remove them all. Don’t make any delay – if Google identifies you have built poor links, the search engine would take action against your website and then you would have no option than to make requests to the search engine to remove the penalty.

As Google has now downplayed the importance of links, a million dollar question is how to build links that can help you benefit from your search engine optimization campaign? Links through content, social sharing and high authority sites are advisable. Following this link building strategy would not make your links a reason for your website being penalized by the search engine. Instead, this will help you accomplish your aim having which in your eyes you initiated to build links.

Muller’s statement is for those who build spam links. So, the bottom line is, don’t think about numbers of links, but only about quality of links. Build high quality links from high quality sites and forget about what Muller is saying.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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