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Microsoft’s New Challenge to Google

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If you go through the history of Microsoft and Google, you will see very few occasions when they appeared together. Most often, they appeared anti to each other.

Off late, Microsoft has brought a new challenge for Google. What kind of challenge? Microsoft has announced that it respects the privacy of its users so it does not save users data, as Google does. And now, Microsoft is sending emails regarding the same to users.

Many people see the Microsoft’s approach as a part of its business strategy to attract more and more people to use its services. Microsoft believes that this announcement would allow Microsoft to attract those people who are conscious about their data, such as what they have searched for; passwords of their accounts; and credit card details.

However, many people say that Microsoft would not succeed to create any trouble for Google through this effort to enhance its credibility in the market and increase its number of users since most of the people who use Google often don’t think about the same.

I personally would not like to make any comment on this. Instead, like a spectator, I would like to see how big challenge Microsoft succeeds to present before Google through this.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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