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Matt Cutts: Google May Penalize Guest Blogging Websites

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Search Spam Head of Google Matt Cutts has said that Google might penalize low quality guest blogging websites in future. He has said this thing in his recently released video.

As per Matt Cutts, many people are doing guest blogging with only one purpose that is just acquiring links to their websites. They don’t put quality content at all. Google can not approve this thing and will surely punish such websites that allow low quality spam content.

As per Matt Cutts, Google keeps an eye on everything that matters in the world of online marketing in order to find spam tactics and spammers and respond to them from time to time by bringing new updates.

In his video, Matt Cutts has given some advice to bloggers.

  • You should not use guest blogging as a tool to obtain links.
  • You should not post the same guest post on different, different guest blogging websites.
  • You should not spin a guest blog to create many and submit them on various blogs.

Overall, if you don’t want to see that your hard work should go in vain, don’t submit guest posts to websites which accept low quality guest posts and offer multiple links too.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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