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Matt Cutts: Do Guest Blogging for Business Exposure, Branding, Increased Reach, Community Building

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Matt Cutts, search spam head of Google, has recently advised the webmasters to do guest blogging for business exposure, branding, increased reach, community building… and not for obtaining ‘do follow’ links to their websites.

Matt Cutts

Explaining the reason why he disapproves the guest blogging for ‘do follow’ links, Matt Cutts says that many web masters are doing guest blogging for search engines and not for their target audience. They are doing guest blogging since they get links which help them to improve the PageRank of their respective websites. And this negative approach of the webmasters has forced him to issue this advisory.

If you have not been posting quality guest blogs, if you have been doing guest blogging for links only, the advice of Matt Cutts is an alarm for you. Why? Google might introduce any official update regarding the same any time and penalize your website for the spamming work that you have done. Take the advice seriously and remove all those posts that you have done on spamming guest blogging sites just for links.

Don’t think guest blogging is useless for SEO at all. It was beneficial, it is beneficial, and it will be beneficial too. Now, the thing that has changed only is you have to write guest blogs for your audience and not for search engines and submit the blogs to those high authority sites which offer ‘no-follow’ links in return. Would you not like to know how guest blogs will benefit SEO? The guest blogs will cause business exposure as well as traffic generation, which are an integral part of SEO.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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