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Link Building Strategy for 2015

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Link building is critical to your online business promotion campaign for being successful. Why link building is so important? Google considers links as votes in favor of a website. The more links your website gets from other websites, the more valuable and worth promoting it becomes for the search engine. In simple words, links help your website get impressive rankings in search results. Moreover, they fetch web traffic to your website in big number, which is necessary to generate sales leads.

Link Building in Past Years

Back in the day, link building was not a big task. You had to build high PR links in big numbers and the more high PR links you would build, the better ranking your website would enjoy. Google’s intention behind considering high PR links as ranking factor was that high PR sites would link to only those websites which they would acknowledge as quality websites and not to any low quality sites that can impact on their authority in search results. Google’s intention was undoubtedly pious, but some sites began taking advantage of this for making money. Since high PR links were in high demand, many high PR websites started selling links at high costs and webmasters did not hesitate to pay them for links because they knew links form these sites would help them get huge web traffic and better visibility in search results that would result in business opportunities in impressive number. As Google sensed this scam, Google declared link business (link baiting) spamming and brought changes in link building policy. Now, it termed links from high authority content marketing sites and local listing sites as good links. Guest blogging was declared to be the best source of links. Again some webmasters began manipulating these link building guidelines in their favor. So, Google brought changes in its link building policies. Likewise, Google brought changes in several times in its link building policies.

Link Building in 2014

In 2014, links from high quality content marketing sites, local listing sites, and social networking sites are considered as the best links. Most of the well-established SEO firms are using these tactics to build links for sites of their clients.

Link Building in 2015

Let’s talk about link building strategy in 2015. What would be the best link building strategy in 2015? Your first task in 2015 is to use ‘Google Disavow’ tool. This tool will help you get rid of all those links which are spam. Now, you should build an audience that rewards you with links and social media shares. How can you build this audience? By publishing unique user friendly content that can appeal to the senses of readers, you can build that audience. Note one thing in your mind that every blog or article that you post would not bring links and social shares. If you post ten blogs or articles, only 3 or 4 of them will help you get what exactly you want from them.

What about the link building strategies working in 2014 – will the link building tricks being used in the present not work in 2015? No, not at all. These link building tricks would still be working in the new year and helping webmasters like present to improve their website’s visibility and traffic.

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Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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