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How to Leverage Social Media This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is here and as a marketer you must be wondering how to optimize your campaigns to get the most out of the shopping craze this year. The spirit of the holiday season is now easy to quantify based on past year’s revenues. How do you leverage the shopping craze during this season? It is easy; according to marketing analysts you just need to go social.

Social media networks are now influencing how people shop and where they shop from. In fact a well packaged social media campaign can also help your customer decide what to buy. To appreciate the importance of changing your marketing strategy this season, why not look at some of the shopping statistics during this period.


Shopping Statistics at a Glance 

An e-marketer Study 74% of retailers report 20% of their annual sales during the holiday season. In 2015 for instance UPS said it shipped more than 630 million packages. Studies have shown that November and December drive more than 30% more online sales than the rest of the non-holiday months. From Black Friday to Christmas e-commerce stores pull in more than 50-100% more revenue than all the other shopping days the rest of the year.

In 2015 e-commerce sales grew by 4% according to the National Retail Federation translating to $621 billion from 2014. 48% of holiday shoppers according to Adept did their shopping on or before Cyber Monday. A Shortstack Study adds that Black Friday is the most profitable shopping for most retailers. These numbers are just a tip of the iceberg. They reflect the immense opportunities that your business can tap during this holiday season.

How Shopping Has Gone Social

While traditional focus was on improving your ranking for higher conversion you need to appreciate that holiday shopping has now gone social. There is a big shift in social media use from a place for family and friends to catch up to theHoly Grail in marketing. Consider this; Facebook has 1.79 billion active monthly users (MAUs). Twitter boasts 317 active monthly users while Instagram has 300 monthly active users.

As an online marketer you need to understand how different social media networks. The numbers are irresistible and you can bet during the holiday season social media usage is high which means you can easily influence shopping decisions through your online campaigns.

To appreciate the impact of social media in your holiday season marketing, consider a recent G/O Digital Study which highlights what consumers and businesses think. Here are some of the key takeaways from the study:

Social Media in Starting Conversations

To convert online you must have an easy communication channel. Social media is now being used by your customers to start a conversation. 69% of respondent in the study said they have used social media to interact with a business in which they are interested. Such a conversation could be finding a business location, viewing photos, finding deals, liking or sharing a comment froma company’s social media platform, message a business, review a business or check how a business interacts with customers.

Shoppers expect you to have a social Media Presence

It is important for your business to influence a consumer’s decision making process. 55% of respondents in the study say social media presence by a company influences their decisions which highlight the importance of leveraging these networks.

Local Businesses need to Go Social

You might feel that only large brands need social media presence but you are wrong. 72% of shoppers want ads from local businesses on social media because these are more relevant. During the holiday season your customers prefer shopping from local stores. Placing your ads on social media thus gives you an advantage over national retailers.

Social Media for Open Communication

The holiday season is a time to be jolly and your business can use social media to open up communication with prospective shoppers. 73% of respondents in this study say they like it when a business reaches them on social media.

The Impact of Different Social Media Networks

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the leaders when it comes to social media marketing. During the holiday season each has a different impact on consumers. Take a look:

  • Facebook: Facebook ads are popular and they drive traffic during this season. Ads should have a local appeal to increase click-through-rate. Most Facebook users are hunting for deals and any ads must line to an e-commerce site to increase conversion.
  • Twitter: Twitter users expect an instant response on Twitter than on any other social media network. This platform is also popular for real-time holiday deals. Twitter promotions also enhance local business recognition by consumers in the area.
  • Instagram: A large number of consumers visit your Instagram app for holiday deals. 52% of respondents also say they are more likely to interact with a business on Instagram than any other network. While Instagram ads drive awareness they don’t lead to immediate conversion probablybecause the click-to-buy technology is evolving slowly.

The real potential of social media marketing is yet to be realized and during this holiday season your business should rethink its strategy in order to incorporate social media. Snap photos of your products on Instagram, Facebook remarketing, and using Twitter for real-time opportunities to help your current and potential customers are just some of the ideas you can use to tap social media marketing.

As the holiday season commences there is no underestimating the impact social media can have on sales. Social media puts your store in front of more shoppers and this leads to better conversion. With a creatively designed social media strategy you will have the right content which will lead to increased sharing and hence more visibility.

The more brand mentions you get this holiday season the better for your business. It leads to more brand awareness and better conversion than any other marketing strategy. When your content is being shared online you are increasing the probability of prospects eventually converting and this is the dream of every marketer. Go on and get bold with social media marketing this holiday season.


Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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