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How To Write A Quality Guest Post From Scratch

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Guest posting is the new buzz in town today. It’s a quick way to build quality backlinks without spending a fortune on SEO companies

If you’ve not been guest posting, you’re really missing out. In fact, you need to start searching for blogs in your niche and start pitching them your guest post ideas…

If you’ve been finding it challenging to write a quality guest post, the following tips will get you started!

Study the Target Audience

Yes, study and target the audience. Visit the blog, go through their recent and most popular posts… if you do this, I’m sure you’ll get one or two post ideas… I implemented this tip on a top business blog and my guest post was accepted (in a few hours after sending my pitch).

Write the Guest Post

Now that you’ve gathered your ideas, it’s now time to sit down and write your guest post.

Use easy to read words. We all know you graduated from College with a 1st class in English. Your readers don’t care if you did well in school or not.

Use simple words… write at a 5th grade level… Just use a conversational tone when writing your post.

External links does matter

Put plenty of research, internal, and external links into your post. Bloggers love this.

It shows you spent a great deal of time crafting the post.

Prove yourself…

Prove that you’re the authority. Spend time researching and filing your post up with research and statistics. It’s a great way to show readers that you’re a trusted authority on your subject.


Concentrate on writing compelling, attractive, and persuasive headlines… Headlines are what keep the web going round… Without a persuasive headline,   forget about getting your guest post featured on a top blog. It just won’t happen! So, spend time writing your headline.


Connect with A-list bloggers via social media. Hook up and interact with them on Facebook and Twitter. Once you have that close connection, cultivate it. Offer to help in any capacity and volunteer to work for them free of charge.

If you can do all these, then getting published on reputable blogs will become a reality.

Were you inspired reading this post? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Lalit Sharma

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