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How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google Search Results?

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Has someone posted negative reviews against you? Are you seeing decline in online sales leads due to those reviews? Are you looking for ways that can help you get rid of those business battering reviews? If your response is yes, then don’t skip the blog at all since I have brought plenty of ideas for you that will help you manipulate Google search results and remove the reviews from its first few pages.


Create your blogs using WordPress, Blogger and other free blogging platforms. Write blogs post them on them with your company’s name. When you publish several blog posts on these sites, Google will begin taking your blogs seriously and promoting them in its search results.

Guest Posts

Contact well-known bloggers. Ask a permission from them to write guest posts for their blogs. If you request 50 bloggers, I know all of them will not give their consent. But, if 5 of them only give their consent for this, you will still be in benefit. Google promotes quality guest blog posts in its search results. So, chances are high that your guest blogs will get place in top 10 search results of Google.

Press Releases

Make news. Write press releases. Submit them on various press release submission websites. Press releases will help you get attention from media professionals and a space in their newspapers, magazines, or news channels. Press releases will benefit in two ways: 1. they will help you create public awareness about your brand; 2. Google promotes news, so these press releases may get places in top 10 or 20 search results.

Social Media Profiles

Create your company’s pages on various social media websites. Soon, you may see them all in top 10 or 20 Google search results.


Create your user account on YouTube and post videos on this video submission website with your company’s name. You may see your published videos soon in top 10 or 20 Google search results.

Ranking By SEO

If your all attempts fail, contact Ranking By SEO that guarantees to show you several positive results in top 20 search results of Google within 7 days and finish your project just in a couple of months.

I have shared the ideas here that I think can work for you. If you have more ideas, share with me through your valuable remarks.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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