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How To Overcome The Problem Of Over Optimization

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Over optimization has become a big threat to the search engine result ranking of a website. Most of the search engines dislike the websites which are over optimized and they punish those websites. Probably, you would have heard that Google penalized thousands of over optimized websites. So, make sure you are not over optimizing your website, if so then it’s a time for you to take this matter into serious consideration so that your website should not be penalized by the search engines.

In order to overcome the problem of over optimization the first requirement is to recognize the term i.e. what exactly the term refers to. The term “over optimization” of a website refers to the over stuffing of keywords, excessive links creation and link exchange. So, whenever you decide to optimize your website, especially take care of these things to avoid penalty from search engines.

Let’s start our discussion with the first factor of over optimization that is over stuffing of keywords. I think it should not be a difficulty for most of the websites owners to identify what exactly this means, nevertheless I have decided to explain you the term to make your concept more clear. When you put down a piece of content and you put keywords so many times against the demand of the content then it is called over stuffing of keywords which is against the search engine guidelines. It is always better to use keywords max to max 2-3% of total content on the page, but here one thing which you should keep in your mind that try to avoid using the very same keyword for all times instead of this use different-different keywords. Now, you may put a question here what problem search engines have with the use of keywords in excess? Actually, the main objective of the search engines is to provide relevant information to its users when they search for something on the internet. And if you are using keywords in excess in any piece of content that is disliked by search engines and search engines may ban your website for this.

Links creation in excess also makes your website over optimized in the eyes of the search engines. So, you had better creating a few quality links instead of creating thousands of non-beneficial links. If someone creates hundreds of links which have good as well as bad links both and you have created only ten links but they all are quality links, search engines would prefer your website more than the website of your competitor. So, don’t go behind numbers, but only behind quality.

The third fact which you should take into your account is the websites from which you are going to exchange your links. Before exchanging links with any website evaluate the credibility of that website, as it would be better for you to pay attention on how good that website is.

In your website if you succeed to manage all these factors, you can improve your search engine page ranking and get favor of search engines, unfortunately if you do not succeed in the same, your website may have to be penalized for the same, which may cause a detrimental affect on your business goal.

I think to play with your website which is a source for you to earn your livelihood will not be a comprehensive decision at all. So you should take help from an expert SEO consultancy that has been delivering its services for couples of years to multiple website owners, as you will be able to discuss with them each and every important aspect related to your business that would surely help you to prevent from over optimization of your website.

Lalit Sharma

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