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How To Beat Writer’s Block In 10 Surprising Ways!

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Most bloggers get writer’s block. Suddenly, you just get numb and short of words to write.

You have no idea of what to write. It’s crazy, scary but REAL.

The following are smart tips you can use to stop writer’s block.

I hope you find them helpful

Change your mindset

Most people don’t admit the fact that they’re facing writer’s block.

You must know this: if you don’t admit the fact that you’re facing it, then it might be difficult to stop it.

First, admit the fact that you’re stuck of what to write and encourage yourself that you can get over it.

Unplug from Facebook

The web is a big distraction. If you ever want to get away from writer’s block, then you need to be disciplined. When writing, unplug from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Turn off your cable or WiFi together so you’ll really start to focus.

Why must you do all these?

Because I believe disconnecting yourself from the internet and focusing on the important things will help you beat writer’s block.

Listen To Eminem

Ha ha! I love this. This may not work for everybody, but if you’re a blogger or a business owner, then you must learn to cool off with some “heart lightening” music like Eminem.

I love his music lol!

Write About Anything—-Just Anything

It could be about your institution or Pineapples.

Just pick up a pen and write about anything that comes to your head.

It gets your brain on gear and conditions your sub-conscious to be more creative. This works best for me—and most people I know.

Get Ideas On Paper

Yeah, get some ideas on paper without worrying if they make sense.

The idea doesn’t have to be polished. Infect, it doesn’t have to make sense.

Writers and bloggers often face writer’s block because they worry about the quality of their writing.

Let it go…

Yeah…Let it go for a day or two, and then come back to it. This works for me.

Whenever I see that I’m stuck of ideas, I abandon the article for 4 hours and then come back with a “fresh breeze of new thoughts’’. Try it. You’ll be glad you did!

Change Location

Try a change of location. If you’ve been writing in a spot for a period of 3 months, change your position

It could be your room, corridor or a cool spot in the sitting room. Identify, and start writing in that position. It’d help you a lot and will assist you in beating writer’s block

Take a long break and do something else:

It could be shopping, eating, watching movies or reading.

Keep a pocket notebook and pen with you at all times:

Inspiration might come than you least expect.

Take a Nap

If you’re tired, then you’re more likely to suffer writer’s block. Don’t work 7 hours at a stretch. Take some breaks in between. Take a nap for 4 hours and come back to work.

Result: You’ll feel refreshed and full of ideas!

Pro tip: I wrote 6 pages of my unfinished e-book in 2 hours of implementing this tip.

Your Turn!

Do you face writer’s block?

What tips or suggestion do you suggest to beat writers block?

I’d appreciate your suggestions in the comments section!

Lalit Sharma

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