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How To Attract And Drive A Flood Of Guest Bloggers To Your Blog

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Managing a blog isn’t an easy task at all. You need to consistently churning out new blog posts to educate and attract potential leads.

Producing these kinds of contents takes time; infect, if you’re with a good budget, you can hire a standby blog content writer who’ll be responsible for writing and publishing good contents on your blog regularly.

The question now is, how do you free up your time, so you can spend time improving other aspects of your website?

                                        Guest Blogging

What exactly is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging can be an excellent way to market your products/services without spending a fortune.

It simply means writing an article for your blog with a link back to your site.

How Do You Get Guest Bloggers To Write For Your Site?

Simple, you just need to implement any of the tips below:


A good way to attract potential guest bloggers to write for your site is to simply ask them.

Don’t be timid or afraid that you’ll be rejected. The worst they can say is NO, so, take up your butt and approach those top bloggers in your niche.

Most, will key in to your request if you approach them politely and some may demand you write a guest post for their site as well.

Do a Simple, Google Search

Doing a quick, simple search on Google can find you many Facebook groups, community websites, and online forums where potential and skilled guest bloggers hang out.

Here, you can politely ask people if they can write for you with a link back to their site.

Many will reply with a YES and there’s a possible chance that you can get more guest post requests than you can handle.

Pro tip: sure, the quality of content will be different from bloggers you approach directly

Make It Known and Visible On Your Site

The best way to invite a flood of potential guest bloggers is by advertising on your site that you accept guest bloggers. This way, when people visit your site they’re aware that you accept guest contents.

You can create a “write for us” page stating requirements like: the minimum amount of word count you accept, topics, and blogs you link back to.

My Take on This

If you’re a new blogger, forget about attracting guest bloggers. Focus on your site and work your best in producing great content on your site.

Do you accept guest contributions on your blog?

Let me know your views concerning this content in the comments section.

See you later…

Lalit Sharma

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