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How Loss of Google Rankings Can Shake Even Big Brands?

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What do you know about Google? It is one of the most used search engines in the world. More than 70% people rely on this search engine when it comes to searching for any product or information. What has encouraged people in such a big number to use Google? Google provides quite relevant answers to the queries searched by its users. On the other side, other search engines struggle to do so. This is the reason why people rely on Google more than any other search engine.

The inclination of more than 70% internet users towards Google has made it the biggest business controller on the internet. How is this possible? How can Google control the business on the internet? This is a bitter reality that Google controls the business on the internet. Google does this through its search results rankings. Millions of websites are there on the internet. Google follows a strict procedure to determine their rankings in Google search results.  The websites that obtain top rankings in Google search results get clicks of Google users while the sites which are out of top search results yearn for a single click. So, it becomes quite difficult for websites out of top search results to get business opportunities without spending big amount on advertising their businesses on electronic and print media since only advertisement on these means of communication can make them so popular that they can attract some business without the help of Google. But, this would not completely end their dependency on Google; it would only reduce the same to some extent. Again, I repeat my words that these advance means of communication would only reduce the dependency on Google and not completely end the same.


In order to prove my fact, I would like to give you the example of a big brand, Ebay.com. I am sure that you would have also heard about the same since it is a world famous shopping website. Do you know how big loss this big market brand has suffered since Google has penalized the site? Hold your nerves since the amount that I am going to inform you may leave you completely shocked. Ebay.com has suffered a huge loss of $200 million in its revenue since Google has penalized the website in its search results. This is the condition when this brand is well-known in most parts of the world and uses advanced means of communication to promote its business. Now, you can easily imagine what would happen to those small businesses which are completely dependent on their visibility in search results for sales.

After the above-mentioned example of Ebay.com, I don’t think that I need to say anything more on this subject. Ending my blog, I would just like to inform you one more thing that do high quality search engine optimization for your website, following the SEO guidelines of Google, if you would like to be getting blessings of Google and pleasing it to show your website in its top search results.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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