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How Convincing Communication Stops Customers Posting Negative Comments

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If your ambition is to be counted amidst one of the top-notch services/products providers, it is must for you to have clean image in the market. It is because people will take your products/services till the time only they don’t have any reservation in their minds about you/your products.

Emergence of the internet has made it difficult for business houses to maintain their online reputation for longer. It has provided common mass a platform to share their feedbacks and concerns about different products and services which they have used. And it is impossible for business houses to satisfy each and every customer with their products/services.

Consumer forum websites like and have made the task easier for consumers to teach a good lesson to their products/services providers, as what once a consumer writes on such consumer forum websites becomes visible to world instantly, and unfortunately that is often shown on the top of the search results when someone searches for that product/service. And once if the visitors read such any negative comment, they will never think to deal with you, as no one likes to be deceived.

How to overcome the detrimental affects of negative comments

With negative image, it would never be possible for you to assume your success in the market, therefore it is must for you to take actions in order to null and void the effects of negative comments.

In this respect, the first thing which you need to do is to be active on the web.

Begin inviting your customers to communicate with you direct about what they think about your products/services or how they rate them.

This invitation will stop your unsatisfied customers to post their negative comments on consumer forums and social media websites. In course of communication with your clients, listen to them very carefully, if you feel their anger is justified then apologize to them and make sure you would take proper steps to offset them. If you feel they are not right, convince them patiently without making them feel that they are wrong, so that they can understand the facts and throw their negative thinking against you into dustbin.

So, by this way you will be able to stop them to post negative comments in respect with your products/services and will be able to continue your business relations with them.

One thing which is must to mention here is that take the concerns and feedbacks positively to improve the quality of your products/services, which is must for long term business existence and business expansion.

Finally, it can be said that if you establish a better and positive communication with your clients and take their suggestions and concerns then surely possibilities of negative content against you will reduce automatically.

Lalit Sharma

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