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How Can You Ensure Success for Your Link Building Campaign

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Introduced to the world in 1998, Google has become the most popular search engine in the world. Today, the search engine enjoys 67% of global search market. Only last year (in 2013), Google experienced more than 2,161 billion searches. I think that big number is enough for you to comprehend how popular Google is amongst internet users and how much they rely on it.

Since the number of such consumers is increasing rapidly who are relying completely on Google to find the right goods and services for their needs, competition amongst online businesses is becoming tougher and tougher day by day to get first page rankings in Google search results.

Link building is a great way to obtain high visibility in Google search results. Google considers links as votes. The more votes your website has in its favor, the more credibility it gains in the eyes of Google. The votes in the favor of your website help Google determine your website’s rankings in its search results.

However, when you go to build links to your website from any other website, you must be very much cautious regarding what Google SEO guidelines say about link building. With an aim to help you in this matter, I have decided to let you know what Google likes, what Google does not like, and how you can ensure success for your link building campaign.

Google Does Not Like Your Link Building Campaign:

  • When you build links to your website from low authority websites (Low authority sites are the sites which have high Alexa ranking, low domain authority, and low page authority).
  • When you build links from websites which allow spamming.
  • When you build huge number of links in a short term to get favor from Google.

Google Likes Your Link Building Campaign:

  • When you post well-informed content, to which other websites want to give links themselves.
  • When you get links to your website from high authority websites, especially from content marketing websites.
  • When you get links from relevant websites.

How Can You Ensure Success for Your Link Building Campaign?

  • Use disavow tool frequently to check which links you have from low authority website and which you need to remove. You may ask a question here that why you need to use the tool frequently. This is because Google checks the work done on different websites time and again in order to demote or promote their authority: authority is increased for the websites on which good work is done while authority is decreased for the websites on which poor work (against Google guidelines) is done.
  • You must keep an eye on Google updates to know what major or minor changes Google has introduced about link building.

I am quite sure that taking care of these simple ideas would indeed help you ensure success for your link building campaign. If you want more information about link building, you may leave your query at our contact us page.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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