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Great! John Mueller Cleared The Sky Full With Clouds Of Rumors

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Maybe you have heard of Google Doorway algorithm update which was in limelight last month; I had also written a blog about that with the title “Google Updates Algorithms & Guidelines for Doorway Pages”. If you are not the first time visitor, you might have seen that blog post also. But, if it is your first visit to our blog, do see that blog too.

Why have I again taken this topic to talk about and that so soon– are you not thinking this? The clouds of confusion around this update are the reason behind this. If you go through the web or meet web masters and internet marketing experts, you will notice that most of them are quite confused whether this update has been launched or it is still under-process. If you also represent the same group of the webmasters and internet marketing professionals who are in confusion, I would happily welcome you on this blog and say you have ended up the right place. Today, not today, but this time itself, the sky will become clear to you, the clouds of confusions will disappear forever, and your doubt will be nowhere in your mind.

What will I do for this? I will do nothing, as John Mueller has already done this. Google’s John Mueller has removed the clouds of suspicion around this update through his recently launched video, in which he has answered to a question asked in this regard.

John Mueller said “I believe that has rolled out, yea.”

To know what all John Mueller said, watch below video.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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