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Google Penguin 3.0 Is Coming to Haunt The Online Business World

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Google might introduce Penguin 3.0 update this year. Google team is working on this update and as everything is done, the update will hit the floor. John Muller, Google webmaster trends analyst, has said this recently. The update will stir the internet marketing world by bringing major changes in the rankings of various websites. The update will snatch the smile of many faces and provide the same to others. The webmasters whose sites will see bounce in their rankings will appear smiling and thanking Google. On the other hand, the webmaster whose sites will see nosediving in Google search results will appear criticizing Google.

This will not only trouble many internet marketers but also impact the relation of many link building companies with their clients. Why? Several link building companies employ spamming techniques to reflect their clients better results as soon as possible. For this, they don’t hesitate to employ those link building techniques which Google disapproves. Now, when Google introduces the update, the sites handled by spammers will lose their visibility in Google search results that will make the webmasters disappointed and in the wake of this they will start crying over their link builders for building poor quality links for their websites. How can I say this? This happens almost after every time when Google introduces a Penguin update. This would be the sixth Penguin update in the line.

If you are a link builder, I would like to remind you a well-known maxim “Prevention is better than cure”. If you don’t want that your clients should chide at you as Google unveils this update, take preventive steps immediately to avoid such any situation. Being a professional link builder, you will have ideas regarding what preventive steps you need to take. So, just take them to protect the site of your clients from the negative impacts of Google Penguin 3.0. And if you are not a link builder but a webmaster and reading this blog just to enhance your knowledge, I would say you should use Disavow tool. The tool will help you check your all links and identify which of them are spammy links. Now, as you get the spammy links, remove them as much as possible manually. The links that you cannot remove manually submit them to Google and Google will not count them when it would check your website. The best thing about the tool is that it is absolutely free.

Lastly, I would say always build organic links approved by Google only, and this time use the Disavow tool to protect your website from Penguin 3.0.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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