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Google: Online Businesses Scare from It; People Love…Why?

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Maybe the blog title will be giving you an idea regarding what you can suppose to get in the blog, and maybe it will be creating a curiosity in your heart regarding what the writer would like to be serving to its readers. I very well understand your feelings, so without taking any more time, I just come to the point and would like to discuss with you the first thing ‘Why Businesses Scare from Google?’. Once it finishes, I will let you know ‘why Google users love it’.

Why Businesses Scare from Google?

Most of the internet based businesses fear Google. Their hearts always beat when rumors spread in the market regarding any new update by Google. They fear that Google update might declare what they are doing spamming and eclipse their businesses by throwing their websites out of Google or the rankings of their websites of top search results. If you are familiar to the world of internet marketing, most probably, you would know that what happened to those who were doing guest blogging with do-follow links. A few years ago, Google called guest blogging the best way to obtain do-follow links and improve rankings, but with one update Google declared guest blogging with do-follow links spamming and banned plenty of sites which had done this. However, I cannot blame Google for this since webmasters started taking advantage of guest blogging. They started posting low quality guest blogs for links that irritated the search engine and compelled it announce guest blogging with do-follow links spamming. But, the search engine appreciates those who do this with no-follow links.

Why Users Love Google?

Now, I tell you a new story form the point of a Google user. Google users love Google. They could not think beyond Google. They acknowledge Google to be a synonym of trust, as Google helps them get what they are looking for. On the other side, other search engines struggle to meet the expectations of their clients instead of using all state of the art technologies and resources that they have.

Recently, a survey has been done by American Customer Satisfaction Index, an Ann Arbor based privately owned company. The company has done a survey on 70,000 people and issued its ACSI E-Business Report. The report clearly indicates that Google has eclipsed the businesses of other search engines, as Google has scored 83 out of 100 marks. While last year, Google obtained 77 marks. On the other side, all other search engines have surfaced as losers. Bing obtained last year 76 marks. This year, it has obtained 73. Last year, Yahoo scored 76; this year, it has scored 71. This data clearly indicates that the popularity of Google is increasing day by day. For sure, you will want to know how ASCI distributed the scores to different search engines. ASCI has given search engines marks after seeing following factors: site performance, freshness of content, variation in services and information, how a search engine performs on different devices, speed and reliability of videos, number of ads…

Lastly, I would like to be informing you that the fear in the mind of online businesses about Google’s updates and its punishment has made Google popular amongst its users. How? This is because the fear of Google discourages the businesses to serve low quality, uninformative, or duplicate content to their clients, which helps Google users to get what they are exactly looking for.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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