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Google Is More Strict Now, Put Your SEO Company At Scanner So

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Doesn’t this appear surprising that many people want favor for their websites from Google but not want to follow its search engine optimization guidelines? They want to optimize a website according to their own definitions and ideas and interestingly not hesitate to take a dig at Google when search engine takes any action against their websites for manipulating search engine guidelines. After Google introduces any algorithm update, within a couple of hours, you notice a strange scene in the world of internet marketing – many webmasters and internet marketing companies appear saying SEO is no more, and Google is doing this all to promote “Pay Per Click” over “SEO”.

However, those who know Google’s intentions rightly and understands its guidelines properly don’t get affected by any such negative ideas making round in the market. They know these are spammers who are doing this all in order to hide their face; the sites they are working on have been penalized by Google, so they are trying hard to make Google a scapegoat to prove them innocent, right.

The Google penalty does not do any big loss to the spammers, as what happens to them is their clients chide at them and leave them, but the real big loss happens to those small business owners, who have no other option to make sales than their site’s rankings in search results. Do you know many businesses have shut down forever because of their SEO partners; because of the betrayal of their SEO partners?

So, if you do not want to suffer in online business world just because of your SEO partner, choose one only after being assured that you are going to hire a company that does not believe in spamming at all. In addition to this, you need to make a system so as to check the work that your search engine optimizer does for your business. Why do you need to do this all – is this not enough to ensure this at the time of hiring only? No, this is not enough since this is your business that you have made with lots of expectations and that allows you to earn bread and butter for your family. A little careless attitude can put its existence at risk and compel you to think about some other option to earn your livelihood.

Do not assume my suggestions to be an imagination of a writer’s mind and be more serious about your search engine optimization campaign, as Google has recently published a blog, according to which, now Google will not show any softness to those websites, which are found guilty of spamming repeatedly. Google may make the reconsideration process difficult for such offenders. Google has published the blog with the tittle “Repeated Violations of Webmaster” on its blog site Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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