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Google Introduced Core Algorithm Update

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When recently SEO experts noticed a stir in Google search results, they thought that Google Panda had been introduced, as talk about this update had been running in the market for several days, but everyone was wrong since it was not panda but something else.

Google has also made a confirmation in regards to this update that it was not panda update but a core search algorithm, and as per the Google, now, the search engine will keep refreshing and updating this core algorithm in the future in order to better the quality of its search results.

To clear the clouds of speculations concerning this update, the search engine has sent a letter to Search Engine Land. That letter says:

This is not a Panda update. As you know, we are always making improvements to our search algorithms and the web is constantly evolving. We’re going to continue to work on improvements across the board.

As this update happened, many automated tracking tools, including Mozcast signaled huge spikes in the results. Dr. Pete Meyers, a marketing scientist at Moz, said that this might be a HTTPS algorithm update, but Gary Illyes from Google denied this to be a HTTPS algorithm update, but not told at that time which update that was exactly. However, the letter of Google to Search Engine Land has made the picture steer clear.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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