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Google Hummingbird: The Biggest Hit to Spammers After 2001

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After 2001, Google has brought the biggest change in its algorithm in 2013 and dubbed the changes Google Hummingbird. The most interesting fact about Hummingbird is that Google originally launched this update a month before this was officially announced, but no one noticed… Exactly, it’s the same thing that Google wanted from it.

Officially introduced to the world on the 15th birthday of Google on September 27, 2013, Google Hummingbird is claimed to be more human and realistic. It aims at providing better search results to users and benefiting websites that follow Google’s guidelines.

This update has focused on synonym identification, substitution rules and concurrence of the term used as keywords. Because of this update, many websites which were accustomed to manipulate Google search results with content-spamming appear out of Google search results. This update has left only one option to the online businesses: posting original, informative content based on Google’s guidelines.

Since this update has been introduced, many people have begun saying that SEO is dead. But, I do not agree with those people after doing an extensive research on SEO campaigns of various online businesses. Nothing has changed for those who believe in originality while everything has changed for those who think themselves smart enough to cheat others. After this update, you can see only those websites are standing out of Google search results which tried to manipulate Google search results with content-spamming.

Do you know exactly who says that SEO is dead? Many online businessmen as well as SEOs have become completely frustrated of Google updates because each update by Google put their websites in penalty. So, the people who neither understand Google nor SEO are making baseless claims that search engine optimization is no more.

If you don’t believe me, you can have a practical experience about the same. Put anything in Google and see the websites that have obtained first page Google rankings, then see the websites of the same field that have been thrown out of the search results. Compare the works done on them; you will easily differentiate why one is penalized and why the other one is promoted.

If your website is one of those websites which have been wounded by Google Hummingbird, don’t loose your hope but make a call to us. We will study all the work that has been done for your website. We will assign your project to one of our expert project managers who will make a comprehensive plan to help your website to get rid of Google’s penalty.

Lalit Sharma

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