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Google Disavow Links Tool: A Fast Relief Ointment for Penalized Online Businesses

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Google has unveiled a fast relief ointment (an advanced tool) for all online businessmen who are crying after being penalized by the search engine. The name of this advanced tool is Google Disavow Links.

This tool was introduced to the world on October 16, 2012 by Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team.  After 45 minutes of his speech, Google officially announced about this tool on its Google Webmaster Central blog.

Who Can Use Google Disavow Link Tool:

In its blog, Google has clearly mentioned that it uses links to order search results. It is because links allow the search engine to comprehend which web pages are relevant and worthy for Google users. Additionally, links help the search engine to determine pagerank of different web pages.

Many website owners striving for fast business success sometimes adopt foul methods to increase traffic, visibility, and pagerank of their websites. The best way they find to trick Google is link spamming.

They create hundreds of unauthentic links on daily basis and get fast response, but when their wrong doings are acknowledged by Google, their websites are penalized and thrown on the last pages of the search engine.

Spamming Team Head of Google Matt Cutts clearly says Google Disavow Link tool has been launched for the help of those all whose websites have been penalized for their wrongdoings and who are suffering huge loss in their businesses due to Google’s penalty.

What Will Occur After the Use of Disavow Links Tool:

Google Disavow Links tool is used to ignore inorganic links, such as paid links, fake profile links, blog comment links, footer links, artificial blogroll links, etc. This tool will remove the negative effects of the inorganic links and upgrade the Google search engine ranking of a website.

How to Use Google Disavow Links:

You will have to follow following steps in order to use this tool successfully:

1- Visit the web address

2- Upload a file containing list of low quality links, which you want to remove. If you don’t have the list, you can take help of Google Webmaster Tools.

3- Once you have the list of low quality links, you can press the red color button “Disavow links” to get rid of them.

Disavow Links

Moreover, watch this video to know more about this tool.


Don’t use this tool until you are sure about its use because if it can work as an ointment for your wound, it can cause reaction and deepen the wound by decreasing your already decreased value for Google.

Finally, we will say a perspicacious use of this tool can allow you to regain your lost value in the eyes of the search engine and to give a new life to your online business. For comprehensive information about the use of this tool and effective link building services to avoid repetition of this kind of incidents in future contact Ranking BY SEO professionals at +91 995-353-2683.

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