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Expanded Text Ads: Google Offers Some Key Takeaways

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With the approaching holiday season, retailers are bracing themselves up for the crunch time and giving finishing touches to their marketing campaigns. This is after all the most important period for them, and they are ready to go all guns blazing. Expanded text ads (ETA) will enable marketers to offer more information about their business to their targeted customers. While some have already managed to get a hang over the longer ad formats, others are still trying to understand its nuances.

When to Get Started? The Sooner the Better!

As stated by Google, marketers will no longer be able to create or edit standard text ads (STA) after January 31, 2017. This often leads to the question whether those who upgrade in the final moments approaching the deadline would be at the receiving end of some sort of action. Though there are no penalties involved, it is advisable to go through with the transition as soon as possible. Marketers who have adopted ETA earlier have benefited from the early adoption.

ETAs vs. STAs

There has been no change whatsoever in the process of Adwords auction. Every ad receives certain ratings based on their action-time quality, which along with the bid and the anticipated effect of the ad extension is used to come to the Ad Rank. The system is aimed at determining the performance of the ads with respect to the average rise of ETAs. The goal is to create fair competition between expanded text ads and standard text ads.

ETAs Aren’t Always the Best Performers

Expanded text ads may not always yield the desired results. These offer marketers a chance to do something different but that doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of the existing ads. A drastic change in presentation may not make sense to the users’ queries. Therefore, marketers should keep the basics intact. Ads should include call to action such as customizers and keywords.

How to Assess If Etas Are Doing Better Than the Standard Ads?

A comparison of the click through rate or CTR of expanded and standard text ads should give you the answer. However, going only by CTR is not the ideal way to determine whether or not the performance is impressive. There are several other factors that also need to be taken into account. It is important to look at like-for-like figures. It is important to take into account and compare the Google.com traffic against search partners.

Should Standard Text Ads Be Discarded in Favor of Expanded Text Ads?

You need to be sure that the ETAs are delivering consistently better performance than the standard text ads. If marketers rush into adopting expanded text ads and do away with the standard ones too quickly, it may result in loss of impressions.

What Should Be on Your Mind while Looking for the Ideal ETA?

Focus should always be on the headlines as they carry maximum weightage and can really lead users to click on them. Description is also an important aspect.

Will ETAs Connect with Mobile Users?

These have been optimized in a way that they go with the most popular devices. This implies that connecting with mobile users should not be a problem. After assessing the ways in which people use mobilepreferred ads along with standard text ads, two important elements of mobile-preferred ads have been retained:

  • Mobile URLs can be used to take users to the best pages on the website
  • Mobile ad customizers can be uploaded through business data to generate mobile specific call to action and other advantages.

ETAs are designed in a way that they work across various devices such as desktops, tablets as well as mobiles.

Will ETAs Support Other Formats in the Near Future?

It should happen in the near term as work in on to make expanded text ads compatible with various other formats such as call-only ads and dynamic search ads.

Should Marketers Worry About their Expanded Text Ads Being Truncated?

Cutting headlines short happens once in a while so as to fit them in desktop browsers that have smaller width.

Can Subdomains that Show Up in a Particular Ad Be Deleted?

Before expanded text ads came into being, one could clearly state whether a particular URL was a display URL or a final URL. Following the introduction of expanded text ads the sub domain will be extracted and included in the URL that is visible in the ad. This was done on the basis of user trust. Users clearly have a look at the URL to understand what the page is all about. Therefore, it is necessary that the ad reflects what the website is all about.

What’s in Store for those who do notWish to Expand their Ads?

After the standard text ads are no longer in use, their format can still be imitated through expanded text ads. The earlier headline can serve as your first headline and the URL can be your second headline. All the main fields need to be utilized but one need not use all the available characters in the existing fields. If marketers are not willing to change the existing text at all, then they can adapt it to align with the new formats.

Will ETAs Function on Display Network?

Expanded text ads work on display networks the same way as standard text ads. Marketers can add these to their campaigns by using responsive ads.

Should the Approach Be Any Different When It Comes to Brand Keywords?

Ad text has always been successful in offering the best answer to what a user is looking for. Marketers can carry on with what they have done so far and find out if that works with the expanded format. Words like “official site” can go on to build user trust. Also, limited number of commercial words can also serve the purpose. One may consider a branded approach instead of calling the user to action through their ad text.

Expanded Ads are likely to prove effective in achieving the desired end. Marketers set to go through with the transition can test a lot of ads to find out how it works and leverage the test results to devise their strategy.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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