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Don’t Let Anyone Rape You Online

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Rape and that online! How is that possible? Has the writer gone mad? Are these things not striking your mind after reading the strange headline? I am pretty sure that you will say yes in response. At this point, I would like to tell you that this rape would not be physical but it would be psychological.

Difference between Physical & Psychological Rape:

Physical rape is an assault on your body that happens at an isolated place or inside a locked room and others don’t know about the same until you inform. Contrarily, psychological rape is an assault on your reputation that happens before the world. It leaves you completely alone in this vast world and breaks you psychologically.

It Is So Easy…:

Psychological rape is very easy; even you can do this without any fear in your mind. You will have to log on to different websites that allow complaints against individuals and organizations and post fake complaints against the person or organization that you dislike. Once they are published, they will become visible to everyone who will search the name of that particular individual or organization in Google.

So, you would have well understood how easy it is. Besides, you would have also understood how easy it is for others to do this with you. What next then…do you want protection?

Ranking By SEO Can Be Your Only Protector:

It is not an exaggeration but a reality that no one can deny. Ranking By SEO, one of the well-recognized India based IT companies, which has been repairing, guarding, polishing… online reputation of its clients for more than 5 years, can only protect you from this online rape.

Why Only Ranking By SEO?

  • This organization has so far repaired, guarded, and polished online reputation of more than 100 clients from all over the world.
  • Its clients list include from common individuals to businesses to celebrities from entertainment and political platforms.
  • It has received plenty of testimonials and recommendation letters from its clients for delivering them quick results.

How Ranking By SEO Protect Your Online Reputation:

  • Ranking By SEO keeps an eye on Google search results about you.
  • Ranking By SEO becomes active as it finds anything against you in Google search results that can damage your reputation.
  • It researches the power of the website on which negative against you is published and searches for websites that can wipe the search results and make it completely favorable for you.

How Long to Wait for Results?

  • For improved results, only 7 days
  • For final results, couple of months only

Moral of the Story:

Since assault on your online reputation may happen at any time, don’t forget to search your name in Google quite often. Besides, get in touch with Ranking By SEO as you may need its service at any point of time.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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